AI beginners guide part 9

Acknowledge the Internal Capability Gap

We are back with another blog of AI Beginners Guide that means we are right on our schedule. Are you right on your schedule to read it? If so, then we shall not waste any more time, for time is extremely precious.

Oh, we almost forgot to give you your daily dose of AI, Did you know: A humanoid robot called Sophia is the first robot to receive citizenship of every country. In the last blog – AI Beginners Guide – Part 8, we saw all the necessary requirements to create a budget for AI implementation.  Today, we’re going to acknowledge the Internal Capability Gap.

About today’s topic, we’re going to discuss what you want to accomplish and the organizational ability to actually achieve with a time frame to implement AI in business. And here’s how to do that: 

Know Your Capability

There’s a huge difference between what you want to accomplish and what your organizational ability to truly achieve within a given amount of time is. A business should understand what it is capable of and what it’s not. One must understand their strengths and weaknesses, be it in tech or in the business process perspective before launching into a full-fledged AI implemented business. This is very important because it is how you know where to focus your efforts. 

Start by Digging up Old Ventures

Understanding your capability can be a tricky job, sometimes it can take a long time to do. Determining your internal capability gap means knowing what you need to procure and any processes that need improvement to be evolved before you start implementing AI. It can vary from business to business. There may be current or old ventures in your business units which can give you the right idea of the capabilities of AI.

Set appropriate expectations

Once you gain confidence in your AI capability’s potential to stimulate future growth and competitive advantage, it can be tempting for you to build a relationship with stakeholders. You may manage to do so. But do not fix your mind on what AI will do for your organization in the future. If your expectations are wrong, your AI capability would hit the rock bottom. Start your AI capability and be clear on what is feasible now, both in short term and long term.

Build your AI capabilities Beyond the Buzz

It’s true that AI is one of today’s trending and most hyped-up technologies, and every day many companies claim to have expertise in building AI-powered solutions. But beyond all the buzz, it is important that you have a strong data strategy and AI capability for your company’s success. Only with the right capabilities, you can implement AI in business for it to survive longer and get more area of development.

Today, mastering AI and data is the main aim of all the organizations, it is giving them the motivation to work on something new and interesting. By exercising a focused approach to developing a world-class AI capability, your organization can enter the leader boards as well.