The next level of AI is projected to transform the world of marketing in the coming years owing to its rising applications across different market segments. Today, major companies are leveraging artificial intelligence technology to devise data-driven marketing strategies, but some are still unsure where to begin.

Recent studies reveal that the next level of AI is expected to increase revenue and reduce operational costs for all sizes. As a marketer, it’s high time for you to make AI brand marketing an integral part of your business. 

AI brand marketing empowers marketing professionals to make the best product recommendations and better audience targeting and segmentation. In this article, let’s explore how the next level of AI will change the marketing landscape in 2025.

How AI Brand Marketing is a Game-Changer for Businesses

#1: Recommendations are tailored in Real-Time

When you shop online, you may have noted product recommendations. And many times, you may have noticed the products for which you have searched online recently. Do you know how brands accurately predict this? This is through the use of AI brand marketing.

AI-powered tools and technologies enable brands to gather comprehensive insights into customers and predict their next purchases. The next level of AI is also expected to tailor product recommendations to users based on their buying behavior and spending patterns.

As top brands already use AI brand marketing, customers look forward to other brands doing the same. Besides, AI brand marketing has increased readers’ expectations. Consequently, publishers will need to employ the next level of AI tools to personalize recommendations based on readers’ browsing behaviors.

#2: AI Brand Marketing Makes Searching Smarter

Five years ago, it wasn’t easy to search for a product or service if you didn’t have enough info on them. But it is not the same anymore. AI brand marketing has made searching faster and easier. 

E-commerce brands are also making use of this application of AI to auto-suggest corrections along with advanced search features. Therefore, the next level of AI is expected to advance search capacity through which businesses can realize higher sales and better online visibility.

#3: Optimize Campaigns in Real-Time

AI brand marketing has made it easier for businesses to bid on and target programmatic advertising. By leveraging the next level of AI tools, marketers gather customers, market, and competitive insights. These insights are used in optimizing real-time campaigns.

With AI brand marketing, marketing professionals can also figure out the best time to run an ad and the chances of conversions. As such, businesses across different market segments are leveraging AI brand marketing to identify customers’ preferences to personalize marketing initiatives.

#4: Better Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Today, customers expect personalization across all touchpoints. So, it’s becoming imperative for businesses to use the next level of AI to effectively reach their customers and offer them their personalization. 

AI brand marketing makes segmentation easier with variables such as gender, age, past behaviors, buying personas, spending behavior, etc. Furthermore, AI has advanced dynamic segmentation that takes into consideration the fact of how customers’ behaviors are continually changing.

#5: Accurate Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is another significant application of the next level of AI tools and applications. AI brand marketing makes sales forecasting easier for business leaders. This is because AI tools gather insights such as past sales data, economic trends, customer base expansion, and industry-wide comparisons.

This eventually enables marketers to make informed business decisions and predict their company’s sales performance both in short and the long run.

#6: Instant Customer Support

Keeping pace with the customers’ needs and requirements are imperative for businesses to enhance the customer experience. However, humans cannot stay online throughout the day to address customer queries and complaints. As such, companies will need to implement the next level of AI-powered tool, chatbot, to deliver seamless customer support.

AI-enabled Chatbots give a more “human-like” feel by utilizing everyday conversational language. It can even be programmed to address essential customer queries, solve simple issues, and fulfill orders. A significant advantage of using Chatbots in marketing is that it will be available 24×7 to handle customer queries.

Key Takeaways

There’s no doubt that AI brand marketing will continue to transform the marketing landscape. Therefore, organizations will need to keep pace with the applications of AI in marketing. Brands that leverage AI tools in their marketing initiatives are expected to gain a strategic advantage in the long run.

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