Artificial intelligence has reached an upsurge in business consultation. Several businesses have used the new modern-day technology to establish a global company because nowadays, technology is proving to be an asset for the business.

There is a soon to be launched platform ONPASSIVE which is said to be the smart solution to all business requirements, let’s have a close look at the tools of ONPASSIVE platform and how it is useful for any business.


Today’s world is a fast running world, and everyone is looking for quick service and instant solutions. That is the reason why customers are looking for rapid assistance, and companies are employing more of artificial intelligence.

These chatbots are AI-empowered and enter into communication with the customer providing them quick assistance 24/7. These chatbots, with the help of machine learning and natural language processing, understand the query of the customer and provide them with the best resolution and also help customers by suggesting them different products, enhancing customer lifecycle experience.


In the past recent years, the design has also become one of the essential elements. ONPASSIVE tools have allowed designers to transform the online experience; these tools help your business to design a logo to your website.

If your business has a website template that is not inspired by your brand logo, that looks weird, and the customer also doesn’t find it attractive. So designing your website around the logo is very necessary for the customers to remember your brand by the style.

Search Engine Optimization: 

As AI is impacting every domain of the business, it’s also changing the traditional ways of SEO. SEO helps a company to attract more online organic traffic towards business and offers more accurate data rather than likes and shares.

It is imperative to find out the user requirement or the hot topic in the market, and AI can play an essential role in this. ONPASSIVE AI-SEO tool helps a business by providing the least competitive and on-time keywords; AI tries to discover the reason behind any search and helps a company with the best alternative of the requirement.

Content Marketing: 

When it is about search engine ranking, quality content plays a significant role without a doubt. The better the quality of content is, the higher are the chances of improving your website’s search engine ranking. 

ONPASSIVE AI-based content intelligent tool can assist you in writing more attractive headlines, ad copy optimization, personalization of content, and predict the effect of the content in several ways. With the help of AI and machine learning, this tool can support based on the historical magnitude in content creation and editing.

AI, for now, has not reached the caliber of simulating creativity or intellect; nevertheless, it helps marketer by automating most of the tasks so that the marketers can focus on strategic planning.

Today we can witness around many AI-based mobile technologies that are transforming our daily routines. ONPASSIVE AI-tool will improve and enhance this critical thinking and creativity, which will help you grow your business.