AI in Video Marketing

Nearly 80% of leading brands are now investing in video marketing. Have you ever examined why? Today, video is one of the best content formats driving the highest conversions. Can videos be personalized to improve customer experience? Certainly, yes! Artificial intelligence enables video marketers to create targeted video content, deliver better ROI, and subsequently enhance the customer experience. Besides, artificial intelligence provides business leaders with comprehensive insights to effectively target their end-users through video marketing.

While watching videos on YouTube, you may have noted many video recommendations related to your past search data. Yes, there are the results of leveraging AI in video marketing. There’s no doubt that the future of video marketing looks exciting with artificial intelligence. Video is one of the best online content that guarantees the best returns on investment. In this writing piece, our research scientists have answered all key questions relating to the role of artificial intelligence in video marketing.

Let’s explore:

  1. How can brands use AI to devise solid video marketing strategies?
  2. How AI enables the creation of targeted video content?
  3. Will AI-based video marketing strategy deliver higher ROI?
  4. Will AI help video marketers enhance customer experience?

Q & A: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Video Marketing

  • How can brands use AI to devise solid video marketing strategies?

Undoubtedly, video marketing will gain more relevance over the coming years, owing to its widespread usage. Moreover, AI’s role in video marketing is notable as it provides marketers with increased access to data and customers’ browsing habits. The insights delivered by AI tools can help brands to devise targeted and personalized video content.

Furthermore, with a clear understanding of the target customers’ needs and requirements, video marketing will be more relevant and lead-focused. Additionally, customers are highly likely to click on a video that resonates with their interests and preferences.

  • How AI enables the creation of targeted video content?

Nowadays, personalized marketing is being used by businesses of all sizes. Personalized marketing helps business leaders to boost engagement and tailor message in the digital space. Personalization even applies to video content. Several brands have started with their video marketing efforts, so this is the right time to use artificial intelligence in video marketing efficiently. Artificial intelligence will improve video targeting, leading to much higher levels of engagement.

As personalization is on the rise, it’s evident that generic marketing content will decrease its value. Therefore, make practical use of AI data for hyper-personalization in video marketing.

  • Will AI-based video marketing strategy deliver higher ROI?

While video contents are one of the top content formats, small businesses are still confused about whether they must invest in video marketing or not. It is mainly due to their budget constraints. Small businesses often consider investing in new channels if they are confident about their return on investments. Artificial intelligence will even help video marketers in tracking the campaign performance and altering strategies wherever needed.

Before going for an extensive roll-out, marketers can measure the performance of different video formats using AI analytics. By having a clear understanding of the investment returns, small businesses will become much confident about investing more of their digital marketing budget into video marketing.

A significant task of marketers involves tracking the results of campaigns. Artificial intelligence has made it easier for them to track the outcomes and optimize at times of needs. Artificial intelligence delivers real-time updates to marketers, allowing them to optimize their video marketing plans once they live.

  • Will AI help video marketers enhance customer experience?

It’s a fact that customers spend nearly 50% of their time online watching videos. But, no one will like viewing irrelevant ads in between them. Therefore, marketers must choose to show ads to only relevant customers who have been searching for related products or services recently.

Moreover, recent studies state that customers are 70% likely to purchase after viewing a video than written text. It is majorly because video gives customers a detailed understanding of the product and services. Furthermore, video enables marketers to see products and explore individual features. So, use artificial intelligence technology to ensure that your video reaches its right target audience, securing more conversions at the lowest costs.


The future of video marketing with artificial intelligence seems exciting as businesses are heavily investing in videos these days. Artificial intelligence technology offers brands opportunities to tailor their video content for the right set of customers. Marketers can even devise concrete video marketing strategies using AI analytics. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand all you need to know about artificial intelligence in video marketing. For more insights, connect with experts of ONPASSIVE.