Transforming The Mobile Technology

Nowadays, technology advances to make breakthroughs each day and improve user experience. Enterprises worldwide have begun adopting innovative technologies and are seeking techniques to make them more available to the end-users. From small businesses to some of the giants in the market today, AI technology and AI chatbots are being blended on a large scale. These improvements are making lives more comfortable in several ways.

While speaking about the mobile technology industry alone, the AI-driven change is evident as the industry proceeds to develop by leaps and bounds. Today, we have applications in verticals such as grocery and healthcare being blended with AI chatbots

Not only this, but AI is showing the way for several innovative advancements in mobile technology. Hence, let’s take a look at how AI and chatbots are remodeling mobile technology for good. But before that, let’s learn what AI and Chatbots are all about.

All about AI and Chatbots 

Developing to build a robust user experience mechanism, the amalgamation of AI and chatbots can have a booming influence on mobile technology. As a matter of fact, several app development organizations have now started implementing AI in Android and iOS applications on a broader scale. But let’s first look and learn more about AI and Chatbots.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

The importance of AI has been gaining momentum since it was first introduced and is practiced to interpret data or information like humans. It is a technology that tracks human decisions and behavior and generates replies by developing on them. In fact, AI displays some of the human brain’s spheres, such as- planning, learning, motion issue solving, etc., and can also be utilized in intelligent home devices such as Cortana and Alexa.

What is a Chatbot?

Chabot is one of the features of artificial intelligence and utilizes machine learning to interpret the data and respond to consumer’s inquiries. Today, there are several apps driven by chatbots in industries such as healthcare, grocery, education, and e-commerce. Not just in applications, but the chatbot feature is also being blended into websites on a large scale.

Notables Figures around AI and Chatbots

As AI and Chatbot are being created together, AI-driven chatbots are growing to be a notable feature in applications and smartphones. Here’s what you are required to know about the integration and market growth of AI and Chatbots in the coming days in the future. 

● As per reports, the year 2021 will record an expected 25% of online workers utilizing chatbots and virtual assistants. This combination is set to ensure an immense impact on user experience and mobile technology. 

● Most companies are now preparing to launch chatbots for conducting business operations as they can cater to inquiries efficiently and much faster with the dynamism of Artificial Intelligence. 

● As communicated by a study, the chatbot market is set to reach a monstrous 1.23 billion dollars worldwide by the year 2025, with a yearly growth rate of 24.3%. 

How Are AI And Chatbots Transforming Mobile Technology?

So here’s our take on how AI and chatbots, when merged, are changing mobile technology for good.

●      Improved Assistance on the Go 

With the merger of chatbots and AI, virtually all everyday life tasks can now be done instantly by communicating it aloud to intelligent devices like Google Assistant and Siri. Users aren’t required to download applications for generating to-do lists or tracking their regular activity. Instead, every job will be explained with a virtual assistant hearing them every time and practicing the instructions.

●      Enhanced User Experience

User Experience plays an immense role in the mobile application industry today. Considering the fact that almost 95% of application users judge the application on the very first impression, the significance of a good UX grows all the more. While accomplishing the aspired UX is a tough task, the implementation of AI and chatbots unquestionably comes to the rescue. With the help of AI-driven Chatbots, mobile applications, the users can now get 24×7 Support, without any trouble.

●      Enhanced Personalized Experience

Presenting a personalized experience to users is one of the topmost priorities for businesses today, and with the assistance of AI, that priority is presently becoming a reality with speed. By combining AI-driven Chatbots in applications and other devices, developers can now make acquiring personalized recommendations much easier. 

●      Improved Security Levels

Security is one of the topmost issues in mobile app development, and several developers are trying out innovative measures to enhance the safety of their app. Though, as distant reality as it appears, improving mobile app security is now achievable through AI and chatbots. 


With technological progressions occurring at an accelerated pace, AI chatbots in smartphones and apps ensure to remain a topic of excitement for developers and users worldwide. With enhancements in AI technology, more personalized experience, and enhanced security, AI chatbots add more quality to smartphone experience and promise considerable potential more the present and future in various industry verticals such as news, e-commerce, healthcare, and customer service.