AI Technology at Your Digital Workplace

Artificial Intelligence is gradually evolving the idea of our day to day lifestyle. No wonder, the style of working is also an integral part of our daily life.  The concept of “agile workplace” used to be a far-fetched dream for humans. The invention of technology has made everything possible for us. Chatbots, AI-enabled Robots had never been invented if the AI technology was not available.

However, transforming to the new Artificial Intelligence is the demand of the time for each organization. Almost everybody who never happened to be a part of the technology companies is familiar with how to use AI-enabled machines in their day-to-day work life.

The Usage of AI by the Workforce

An employee must have experienced that right after coming to work, he or she needs to shoot an email to colleagues or solve the critical work-related problem with the help of AI-driven chatbot. That’s how AI has become an integral part of each employee now. These routine activities are related to each other and signify the omnipresence of Artificial Intelligence.

Even, booking a meeting room with the help of your official app or also adjusting the temperature of AC machine with the help of your official app- is a part of the usage of AI at the workplace. The concept of the Digital Workplace is occurring because of the heavy usage of AI at the organizations.

How AI Encourages the Idea of Digital Workplace

The long-term impact of AI to bring the digital revolution in the office is too hard to gauge. This latest technology brings slow but substantial growth to the workplace by accelerating the efficiency of the workforce.

At the same time, it reduces the usage of human resources as much as they can. No wonder, how can an employer overlook the factor of better output at a lesser cost!  The usage of Artificial Intelligence allows an employee to bring out the best quality products with the help of this technology.

On the other hand, they can also get a chance to get skilled in some new technology. For example, Google Assistant looks like an adjustment that encourages a user to use customized solutions provided by this technology giant. This personalized approach to work is useful in terms of saving time and being more productive in the workplace.

Applications of Cloud and SaaS at work

Gone are those days when the term Search Engine Optimization used to be the sole way to get an exposure to the world of Artificial Intelligence. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are also two familiar names among the employees. Both the two applications are equipped with this state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology.

Most of the employees are often get a chance to explore these two virtual assistants at work without even knowing that they are trying out the most advanced technology. That’s how an organization starts shifting from an old school organization to the most modern technology-driven digital workplace. 

The application of Cloud, collaborated departments, fully-automatic knowledge management and fully-digital one-click meeting facilitation and implementation of Saas are some of the most common AI-based features which most of the organizations are trying out now.

AI for the human resource and recruitment process

The AI-enabled chatbots are doing wonder when it comes to the onboarding procedure of the new workforces. Most of the Multinational Conglomerates have their chatbots to hire and train new employees. These customized chatbots are capable enough to talk like human beings and solve the doubt of people efficiently.

They have a unique ability to work 24*7 without any interruption as they are customized devices designed for the best quality output. AI technology plays a pivotal during the training procedure of employees. It helps to transfer the skill from one batch of employees to the other batches. The process of knowledge transfer from one resource to another can be done with the help of the AI-enabled products primarily designed for the offices. That’s why most of the organizations do prefer to step into the world of the digital workplace.

Deployment of Workplace Robots

Visiting a workplace and being welcomed by a robot is not an uncommon scenario for the employees of contemporary time. The usage of Artificial Intelligence has made these robots efficient in terms of being capable of autonomous movement, especially in the manufacturing and automobile industry. You may get a glance of these robots in the parking area and cafeterias of the various organizations that all are in the process of going digital soon.

To conclude, Artificial Intelligence has already become an integral part of the enterprise management system of most of the reputed organizations. The managements are also reaping the benefit of joining the digital revolution by welcoming Artificial Intelligence to ensure better productivity. AI makes sure to accelerate the growth of the workflow and offers the premium quality experience at work.