How AI Enhances Customer Experience

The digitization of business has transformed customer expectations and encouraged new and unique shopping experiences and patterns for the last few years. The current unpredictable times have additionally devised a compulsory requirement for online commerce now more than ever.

Consumers will soon avoid stepping out of their homes to satisfy their sudden cravings. It poses a significant threat to several industries like grocery, food delivery, retail, fashion, and apparel. Many verticals have come to a standstill in the wake of the spread of viral disease of COVID-19, facing one of the significant hits ever sustained by it.

Brands transform their resources and marketing strategies from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce form, aiming to build personalized shopping experiences for their consumers. Brands savvy to this change are reframing their take on consumer experience from a profit driver to a cost center.

Customer support metrics have evolved to embrace lifetime value, customer satisfaction, and repeat purchasing. The AI in e-commerce change has proven itself to be fruitful for the luxury market to conventional retailers equally. Brands are methodically striving towards improving the retail world for the tech-savvy modern generation who enjoy smooth shopping experiences from the warmth of their homes. 

This modern wave of e-commerce stands to transform the way of brand-consumer engagement for the better as brands proceed to innovate and refine their digital approaches. Let’s take a look into the AI-powered trends that are controlling numerous brand strategies nowadays.

AI-Driven Automation Experiences

A few of the world’s most successful businesses have already implemented AI. They are enjoying the benefits of rewards in terms of profits, visibility, and brand reputation.

For example, Amazon was one of the first organizations that bought personal touch to the shopping. How can we forget that they are the pioneer in established shopping recommendations and have observed transformations in its algorithms over the years? Amazon’s shopping suggestions have become increasingly refined over time.

  • Amazon utilizes AI in e-commerce to push prices dynamically. It decreases the costs to obtain more sales when needed and simultaneously increases rates when the demands are high. The algorithm allows for optimal sales and revenue automatically.
  • As a leader in technology employment, Amazon has now initiated checkout-free physical stores with AI-driven cameras and sensors. This latest technology can determine precisely which items a consumer has collected and how this application charges them as soon as they try to complete the procedure.

While discussing new ventures, Lenskart has launched a virtual 3D try-on feature in its website or app to present store-like experience to its shy digital consumers. Hence, brands in every domain are experimenting for bringing in superior and better consumer engagement experiences with the help of artificial intelligence. And we all can acknowledge that the sky’s not the limit.

Progressive Webapps

Selling mobile phones online has been the top ecommerce trends for the last few years now. Advancing web apps are the next progression of mobile e-commerce and are said to become norms by 2021. Consumers can communicate with the brands of their preferences and be beneficial to them, utilizing PWA’s.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has expanded exponentially into a business-driven platform enormously employed by brands, with Facebook leading amongst its competitors. After all, there is no more reliable way to reach your viewers, because literally, everyone is out there. 

The brands and social handles equally work towards bringing excellent customer service experiences. Experts suggest that vertical engagement pieces like IGTV videos and stories, live streams are demonstrating to be a more interactive style to keep your viewers glued. Click to buy feature presents new meaning to your content, boosting website landings by people. 

Small home businesses are trying to make the most of this feature to encourage more audience towards their website. Several varieties of flexible ad formats, particularly on YouTube, help brands strike a harmony with the viewers and make them reach out.

Additionally, social media is about collaborations, with paid promotions occupying a deep-rooted space in the social media marketing bundle, highly employed by the brand. Social media content creators and influencers belonging to a broad genre have devised an exciting and high engagement-driven place on social media.

 New Era in Customer Engagement

Stellar consumer experiences will inspire the future of e-commerce businesses. Moreover, it will see massive growth in more meaningful shopping recommendations and personalization choices. Sustaining the new age of e-commerce for the companies indicates that they must strive to simultaneously deliver unmatched customer service and utilize technological progressions.


AI in e-commerce advancements and the abilities have smoothly paved the road for virtual shopping. Consumers are discarding the traditional way of stepping out for shopping and preferably preferring personalized online experiences.