AI for Video Marketing

Video is continuously growing in popularity and importance, which means it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest technological advances to build a robust digital video marketing strategy. 87% of marketers use video as an essential marketing tool in their campaigns, and consumers love seeing video content on a brand’s social media.

Today, businesses are continually looking to implement innovative strategies to improve their video campaigns and bring in more engagement to their brand. 

Integrating AI for Video Marketing

Videos are the sole reason for 74 % of all internet traffic and set to rise to 82% by next year. Using artificial intelligence in your video marketing strategy, you can scale greater heights. AI will help you offer tailor-made content to your target audience.

Video developers can use and work on the data provided by AI systems to understand customer interest and design their future videos accordingly. Insights offered by AI will help marketers to stop producing redundant videos. Over 52 % of marketers believe that video brings in a higher ROI when compared to any other marketing strategy.

Data analytics and AI offers greater efficiency and superior result based on data collected. Below are some of the other benefits of AI in video marketing:

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Improves Personalization

It is vital for every business that they try implementing new strategies to offer exceptional services to customers. Today, consumers ignore a one-size-fits-all experience and are expecting to watch video content that is best suited to their interests and needs.

Every day over 5 billion videos popped on YouTube. It has become a popular platform to connect with customers because of their interest in video over any other medium.

It is because customers want a more personal experience, and AI is the best choice in this case. Personalized video marketing increases engagement and interaction between businesses and users, and says a customer that you have your interests aligned with theirs.

You can use video to share personalized messages with your customers, provide them with attractive discounts, and offers on their favorite items or services. Build an emotional connection that helps them maintain a more stable and everlasting relationship with your brand.

Increases Conversion

Video inspires 64% of viewers to make a purchase. A video helps in bringing products to life in a way that a few words cannot. With users spending one-third of their time on the internet to watching videos, many of them view nuisance ads or un-related ads, if the search not aligned with their interests.

One way not to agitate a customer online would be to offer ads only to those interested in a product or service. And research depicts that consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a full video rather than just reading about it.

Videos Travel Faster than Text Messages

Social media is one of the powerful tools used by marketers to show off their brands. This platform allows people to watch and share images and videos rapidly. The chances of a video going viral are higher, along with rich and appropriate content that catches the target audience’s attention. 

Marketers have built innovative ways to promote their products by implementing fun and emotional storylines in the video to make it more entertaining and informational. Adding humor is known to be the best way to ease stress and engage more viewers. 

Videos also help in building trust in your customers. If you want to stick a significant brand value to your service, or a product, company videos are the best way to do it. Product videos are rapidly becoming a great way to guide customers in the decision making process. Product demo videos help people a lot in their decision-making process.

These statistics might help you understand the benefits of AI for Video Marketing:
  • About 85 % of businesses now have designated staff and resources to produce in-house videos.
  • More than 56 % of the videos made by businesses are limited to 2 minutes to keep them engaged.
  • Top 5 % of the videos that get famous or viral retain about 77 % of customers to watch the full length of the video.
  • About 35 % of companies are implementing advanced tools like AI to measure and enhance video marketing performance.
  • 83 % of users prefer to watch videos on YouTube

AI has increased the efforts of a marketer, and in a way, it has made their job more comfortable and more efficient. Many marketing professionals strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the next big thing, and they are certainly not wrong. The new era expects quick information and content because it helps decision making, and integrating AI into your video marketing strategy is the way to do it.

“AI for video marketing has shown significant improvements in bringing higher engagement rates for a brand. Read here to learn more about the benefits of AI and how to use AI to boost your video marketing efforts.”

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