Recent times recommends using AI technology as part of any business workflow for efficiency. More significantly, AI systems are trained to work as humans do. Thus, the results are similar to human performance. 

No doubt, AI in marketing serves many advantages in assessing the users and providing solutions. Consequently, AI marketing has turned to be the most sought after technology in this modern era. However, some significant challenges lie in its incorporation. Let us brief them below: 

AI marketing challenges 

More expensive

Small businesses would not financially afford to implement AI technologies in their workflow due to its expensiveness.

Incorporating AI technologies, especially for small businesses, could include a financial burden. Though AI proves costly during the initial stages, it could prove fetching in the long run with trained staff, who could impart knowledge to others. 

Minimize human hiring 

There is a possible danger in the future that machines would replace humans. Sounds heavy! Humans have emotions, and the human mind is naturally built to work according to morals. AI is, of course, essential. However, only up to a certain extent. Their role in supporting humans during necessary conditions and crises is always impressive and welcoming. 

Lack of knowledge 

AI rose as a trending technology promising many benefits, and the voice it generates is more appealing and exciting for any business marketing. 

However, I believe that education in AI is lacking. No worries! The only solution lies in learning about it more and ensure to create a study stream for AI so that more people are educated to explore the various solutions AI offers.

Constant changes in AI stream 

Changes are happening in the AI field are taking a new shape daily. Thus, adapting to them might turn complex due to their dynamism.

The best way of using it is to get updated with the latest changes and be flexible enough to take what AI offers to the world. 

AI digital marketing strategy 

AI’s role in dealing with big data is impressive. The technology is well versed to know about handling big data. Data segregation, categorization and reporting happen with ease and intelligence. Moreover, user analysis holds best with AI. 

Builds personalization

Personalization paves the way to engage and interest the users. Accordingly, the businesses convey the information based on the user’s interests and preferences. As a result, chances are high for the conversion of leads into sales. 

Define cost and discounts

AI systems are built to study the market trends, time for declaring clearance sales and discounts, location preferences, etc. Thus, they play an active role in increasing the business sales and the overall profits of any organization. 

Optimize content

Compared to traditional marketing, AI is set to build a different name for content optimization. According to the demanding times, AI systems can innovatively come up with compelling ideas for content development. Primarily, it includes some of the exciting topics or the stories of the current trend.


Redundant and complex tasks turn easy with AI. Thus, the systems build sufficient time to focus on the essentials, such as building a strategy. 


Solutions do lie for AI marketing challenges. Definitely, building an AI digital marketing strategy incorporates many advantages. Especially while it comes to executing the AI, ONPASSIVE has in store some of the well built AI products to create business profits and enhance reputation. 

O-Chat is an AI chatbot of ONPASSIVE, whose role is significant to create an engaging user experience. Surprisingly, chatbots are serving businesses to create a shortcut for sales. The age-old process of visiting a website to make sales has now turned quick and effective with AI chatbots.