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The advertising industry has seen a massive transformation with the advent of more data. It is fair to say that all accurate user data is excellent for any company looking to succeed. Despite all the recent developments that have proved to be quite a hindrance, marketers have been able to thrive in such a volatile environment.

Advertising has always been the most excellent tool that businesses possess, like an ace up their sleeve. When advertising is done right and executed to perfection, your products or services that you offer as a business will directly reach out to the right target audience.

A target audience is simply a person who has the most affinity towards the product or service that your business is offering, and will be the most likely to buy it from you. Thus, in advertising and marketing, it is crucial to always reach out to your target audience, as they are the most likely to convert from potential leads to loyal customers.

Adobe Advertising Cloud is the definitive solutions and services provider that is immensely powerful and utilizes. Artificial Intelligence is a technology, unlike any other, that can transform and slowly merge with various types of technology to produce the best output possible.

The application of AI in Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising 

The entire digital marketing industry has become entirely dependent on accurate data that is used primarily to create and measure the effectiveness of modern advertising. Pippa Malmgren, an expert in robotics, machine learning, and technology, argues that “Artificial Intelligence technology is the ultimate transformative type of technology to successfully deliver on all the core promises of digital advertising.”

AI remains transformative leverageable technology that delivers the promise of providing the supreme quality digital marketing solutions for your business. “Machine learning marketers are capable of delivering results based on the promise of the user data and the ability to personalize your advertising.”

Now is one of the best times to be in the digital advertising and marketing departments. Technology, especially with social media, has empowered people to personalize everything that you have advertised your products for quickly!

Thought Leaders take on AI Integration in the Social Media Advertising

Pippa Malmgren is one of the trustworthy and reliable sources for insights into the marketing and advertising industry. She was also featured as a guest speaker at LEAD 2019, which ended in a resounding success at the main event. As she stated in her speech before, the biggest issue isn’t the lack of data, but making complete sense of them!

Artificial Intelligence is a multifaceted form of technology that includes different music or other types of content. Famous researchers, Malmgren and Lewis, have conducted studies with Salesforce, involving more than 3,500+ marketing leaders.

The study results proved that high-performing brand leaders are more likely to employ artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. It is estimated that the implementation of artificial intelligence in day-to-day operations is set to grow with an upward trajectory of 50% for the next two years. 

Top marketing leads across the world believe that implementing and deploying Artificial Intelligence in their day-to-day operation, has led to improved performance from individuals, teams, and even corporations as a whole!

Ultimately the goal of marketing teams should be to deliver and execute campaigns targeted directly at their ideal audience. Apart from this, freedom for personalization and more significant ROI is golden metrics that you can use to measure, evaluate, and improve your marketing campaigns, as a whole!

How AI enables Small companies to compete against MNCs?

The most important thing to remember is not to get discouraged while competing with the top multinational corporate organizations and private businesses. 

Like any other viral trend, a vast majority of companies are failing to offer an artificial-intelligence-based marketing platform as a service! However, there is a unanimous decision that the positive aspects of AI for advertising outweigh the business’s negative aspects.

The founder of the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, Jeff Bezos, believes that there isn’t a single industry or institution that cannot be improved by the power of Machine learning. No matter how ultra-modern artificial intelligence may become in the future, it will always just be a tool!

Without creative and talented people utilizing the tool, to create stellar marketing strategies and execute advertising campaigns for your business. Artificial Intelligence tools have become common and have established themselves as the definitive norm for news agencies such as Washington Post and Reuters.

Final Thoughts

Having AI at your disposal will not give you the results that you’re looking for but can help you run extremely powerful and creative marketing campaigns and successful advertising strategies.

However, you can smoothly run and execute successful marketing campaigns to achieve higher human creativity. Human creativity and gut feeling are the best combinations to deliver campaigns on behalf of emotionally appealing brands.