AI Trends 2020

At the beginning of the new decade, there are AI-enhanced tools that we will come across. Marketers are worried about how it will affect the market? Let’s have a glance at the Market Trends of 2020.

A Quick Rundown on AI (Artificial Intelligence):

AI is a popular category of computer science which concentrates on intelligent machines which are capable of performing a task.

With the arrival of 2020, we will witness many changes in every field. In this article, we will cover the AI trend we’re about to see in 2020.


Effective real-time customer interactions across channels are trending. AI-powered tools did marketing to become genuine real-time. In 2017, one of the research held by emarsys showed that 26% of the marketers are planning to implement AI-based real-time monitoring in their business and look around now.

Customer Retention With AI:

AI marketing will enable customer retention at a higher rate; decision-makers in business have started implementing AI-enable tools resulting in enhanced customer experience. All top companies are looking forward to AI-based tools which will work on the later stages of the customer life-cycle, an application which takes care of the customer retention and builds loyalty among users.

Acquire New Customers:

AI-enable tools already started learning individuals’ web behaviour and predicting from the pattern the best offer for any individual. With the growth of AI, in future, machines will be able to locate a potential audience and target them based on the pattern across social media. 

Advanced Analytics:

The process which uses data mining, data modelling and models based on a statistical approach for future prediction is called predictive analytics. Applying algorithms in the history data or behavioral data recognizes similar responses before they occur. AI has changed this process by using advanced predictive analytics that identifies the trend and creates campaigns accordingly for better response.

Personalised Content At Right Time:

AI’s one of the significant features is personalized content creation and publishing these content on the right time. Deep learning is a field of AI which help a machine to learn itself, with the help of behavioral data, tool understands the pattern and sends the message to the individual user at the right time with an excellent content that inspires action.

Great Marketing Team:

AI has proven to be time-saving as it takes very less time to complete a task when compared with human, and AI experts say that AI makes their team more efficient. The marketing team has been enjoying lots of the AI-powered tools which had made their work a piece of cake. AI works on in-depth data and recognizes the pattern to create an excellent marketing strategy.

In the year 2020, 30% of the companies are using AI-enabled tools, especially in the sales process. Algorithms are more trustworthy when it comes to predicting the revenue of any business, along with customer life-cycle value and marketing strategies. This year the companies which leverage AI enable tools are predicted to gain more income.

AI is still not in every field, and as it keeps on growing, you will notice a positive impact on education, security, human resource, etc. If you’re interested in adopting AI-powered tools for your business, then this is the right time! As AI trend continues to impact all domains, the possibilities of business improvement are the most.