AI tools

At this time, the more significant part of us is aware of artificial intelligence (AI) being an undeniably existing piece of our daily existences. But, several of us would be quite amazed to learn about some of the skills AI already understands how to do. Here are the 12 most mind-blowing skills artificial intelligence can already do today.


Have you ever wish to save time by only having to pay attention to the prominent points of communication? Your wish has really come true with the latest AI tools. Whether it’s weblinks, news articles, books, image files, legal documents, emails and audio, and more, automated text summarization by machine learning and artificial intelligence studies reports and communication back the crucial information. 


Would you agree that along with expert journalists, news corporations such as Washington Post, The New York Times, Reuters, and more heavily rely upon artificial intelligence to write? They do, and though this does involve several “how, what, where who, and when,” formulaic parts, AI is capable of expanding beyond this to further creative writing as well. Numerous marketers are shifting to artificial intelligence to design their social media posts. Even a novel has been created by artificial intelligence that was short-listed for an award.


Machine vision is when computers or machines can “see” the world, interpret visual data, and make decisions about it. There are multiple astonishing ways machine vision is utilized today, including facial recognition for police work, payment portals, self-driving cars, and much more. In manufacturing, the capability for machines to see assists in product quality control and predictive maintenance.

Hear and understand

Are you aware that artificial intelligence is capable of detecting gunshots, assess the sound, and then alert appropriate agencies? This is one of the most mind-blowing things AI tools can do when it hears and interprets sounds. And who can deny the usefulness of digital voice assistants to reply to your inquiries whether you want your day’s schedule or a weather report? Business professionals relish the efficiency, accuracy, and convenience provided by AI tools through automated meeting minutes.  


AI can also speak. While it’s convenient (and fun) to have Alexa and Google Maps reply to your inquiries and provide you with correct directions, Google Duplex takes it one step further. It utilizes AI to schedule appointments and finish tasks over the phone in a very conversational language. It can also answer accurately to the responses given by the humans it’s talking to as well. 


The artificial intelligence researchers are currently building AI models that will be capable of detecting illnesses—just by sniffing a human’s breath. It can detect chemicals known as aldehydes that are connected with stress and human diseases, including diabetes, brain injuries, cancer, and detecting the odor emitted from Parkinson’s disease before any other symptoms are diagnosed. Artificially intelligent bots can identify gas leaks or other alkaline chemicals, as well.


Utilizing cameras and sensors, there’s a robot that can recognize “supermarket ripe” strawberries and can also pick them and put them into a basket! Its inventor says that it will ultimately be capable of picking one strawberry every 10 seconds for 20 hours a day! The next level for AI physical development is to connect touch with other senses.


Human-made consciousness drives a broad range of development from automatons to robots to self-governing vehicles. The Alter 3 generation at Tokyo’s New National Theatre highlights robots that can move self-sufficiently.

Understand emotions

Statistical surveying is being assisted by AI tools that can track an individual’s emotions as they view the recordings. Counterfeit passionate insight can gather information from an individual’s outer appearance, non-verbal communication, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg, review it against a feeling database to decide what emotion is possibly being communicated, and later decides an activity-dependent on that knowledge.

Play games

It’s not all legitimate business with human-made brainpower — it can understand how to make things difficult, for instance, Go, chess, and poker! What’s more, it seems that AI can understand how to play these games, also, to contest and beat people at them as well!


Artificial intelligence can also learn creative methods, including creating visual art, composing music, writing poetry, and clicking photographs. Google’s AI was even capable of creating its own AI that defeated human-made counterparts.

Read your mind

This is absolutely mind-boggling—AI that can read the human mind! It can interpret brain signals and then generate speech. Inspiring and life-changing for those with a speech disability, but a tiny bit unnerving when you consider the mind-reading feature of the skill.

Just imagine if these 12 mind-blowing skills were all blended into one single super artificial intelligence! Exciting or frightening? That’s for you to decide, but I believe we can all agree, AI tools would be mind-blowing!