Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) became one of the success stories in the world of technology in the past decade. The excitement is not showing signs of wearing off any time soon. The past decade established the fact that machines can genuinely be thought of as ‘intelligent.’ Machines became capable enough to think and learn like humans.

However, AI lacked a prediction engine in the 2010s, but things have started to change rapidly. As we move into the 2020s, that emptiness could be taken care of as well. AI-driven technology is now ruling the roost in new areas of industry, fields of science, and our day-to-day lives. Businesses and industries have been spending heavily on research, development, and deployment of Artificial Intelligence.

With AI becoming increasingly essential in almost all businesses, we set on outlining the possible AI trends or emergence in the 2020s with this blog.

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Monitor and refine business processes:

A process called robotic process automation will liberate us from the toil of time-consuming but essential admin work, leaving us to spend more time on complex, strategic, creative, and interpersonal tasks. Artificial Intelligence can replace humans in doing mundane tasks like filling in forms, generating reports, producing documentation, and instructions in a more quicker and streamlined manner with a generous amount of automation thrown in.

Frequent real-time personalization:

Another AI trend in 2020 that is catching everyone’s fancy is AI’s ability to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations. The pattern rides on the success of internet giants like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba. These tech behemoths pioneered the art of providing goods and services quickly and accurately to customers in real-time with the feedback and interaction they receive through online portals, mobile apps. It helps them learn and predict customer’s needs and wants with ever-increasing accuracy.

Data becomes more accurate and available:

Businesses and organizations are making headway in technology and methods of simulating real-world processes in the digital domain providing accurate data. It helps enterprises move towards AI-driven automated decision making. As an emerging AI trend in 2020, the accuracy and availability of real-world simulations can create a more robust and accurate AI.

More AI-powered gadgets and tools:

There will be a spontaneous growth in the number of AI-powered tools, gadgets, and devices as the expertise and hardware needed for its deployment becomes cheaper. Aided by technology such as virtual and augmented reality displays, IoT and cloud, more devices of every shape and size will start to think and learn for themselves in 2020.

Increase in AI and human collaboration:

Humans working alongside AI-powered tools and bots have already become a familiar sight. In the 2020s, AI-powered technology will be at the forefront of every-day jobs, but it cannot replace human skills such as imaginative, design, strategy, and communication skills.

As mentioned earlier, AI has already become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, and it will only crawl deep into our lives in the future. We would be seeing AI being used in creating films, music, and games. Cybersecurity will develop that much needed extra bite with the deployment of AI as well. Almost all businesses will employ AI in their field of work.

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