AI beginners guide part 3

AI Beginners Guide Part – 3

Artificial intelligence has become the most trending technology of this era. In the last few blogs, we got a basic introduction to AI and its levels and common uses. 

Moving forward with the AI beginners guide, we’re going to learn about the types of AI and get familiar with whatever that comes with AI. 

With AI’s rapid growth and its promising potential capabilities, it has taken over every other technology. AI has led to the immense development of industries and this has inspired other industries to try it as well. But to implement it right, one must learn all the factors that come along with AI. Understanding the types of AI will help in knowing what type of AI could be implemented in your business.

Let us see the Types of Artificial Intelligence:

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Depending on how a machine compares to several humans activities, AI can be classified into certain levels. There are 4 types of AI namely:

  1. Reactive
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of Mind
  4. Self-Aware
Image source – Forbes
  • Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are the type of AI systems that have limited capability. They are capable of emulating the human mind’s abilities such as responding to different kinds of stimuli. These machines don’t work on memory-based functionality. Reactive machines are limited to using previously gained experiences. This means they can only be used for automatically responding to a limited set of combinations of data.

  • Limited Memory

These machines can be similar to reactive machines. Limited memory machines have abilities of purely reactive machines and are also capable of learning from previous experiences to make future decisions. Nearly all the applications based on Artificial Intelligence that we are aware of come under this category of AI. Several AI systems such as deep learning are trained by a huge amount of data to perfect their outcomes.

  • Theory of Mind

The above two types of AI can be found in abundance. The next types of AI are a work in progress. Theory of Mind AI is the next level of AI systems that several researchers are currently devoted to developing the field of AI. This level of AI machines will be able to interact and understand human emotions, needs, beliefs and thought processes. A lot of research and testing is going under this category of AI.

  • Self-aware

As mentioned earlier this level of AI machines are still under research. Even though they are under development, they exist hypothetically. Self-aware AI is an AI which is self-explanatory. This type of machines can develop self-awareness similar to that of the human brain.  Creating this type of AI is far and decades away from us. Soon with the development of AI, machines can feel too.

Soon machines can be more than just what they are now. Can AI be the soul of a machine? Can AI give life to machines and make them more like a human or will they be more than a human? Questions on AI like these gave us many Hollywood block blusters, but can we really see human-like robots or have Ultron defending us from an alien invasion? Well, we’ll have to wait and watch.

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