AI Beginners Guide Part 4

Hey everyone! If you are still reading our Artificial Intelligence Beginners Guide blog series, we have something to tell you – You are AWESOME! We love those who are hungry for more knowledge and that is why we bring the next part of the AI Beginners guide – Uses of AI. In this blog, we shall look into some real-world application of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t taken over humans. Not yet at least. However, AI is inching towards our lives, impacting how we live, play, and work. From voice-powered artificial assistants like Alexa, Siri to self-driving cars, we are seeing many other applications of AI every day. 

Below are some of the real-world applications of artificial intelligence:

#1 Artificial Intelligence Applications: Creative Arts

AI-fuelled technologies are inspiring many song composers. Yes, AI has entered the field of music too. Can AI build music? Can it understand all the notes of music and pull our heartstrings just like other songs do? Well, we have to wait for a very long time to get an answer to those questions. For now, AI can help in gathering a huge amount of data like newspaper headlines, conversations and speeches and much more to aid musicians to create themes. Let us look forward to the next era of music.

#2 Artificial Intelligence Applications: Brewing Beer

Yes, you read that right. Remember us saying that anything is possible with AI? The sense of perfect taste and smell is an important trait in the brewing industry. Here comes a time where it is no longer limited to just humans. A London based company – IntelligentX Brewing Co. brewed the first AI Beer. It was brewed with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI helped in taking feedback from the customers with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and rating questions. With the team effort of an artificial intelligence Chatbot and a group of customers a beer was brewed.

#3 Artificial Intelligence Applications: Marketing

Artificial Intelligence would benefit the world of marketing and transform it into a whole new level. Marketing is all about garnishing your products to make it more attractive to your customers. Just imagine if an algorithm or a bot is built and it is all set to market a company or a brand. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are being more popular with the help of intelligent video recommendation algorithm. These algorithms help in bringing back customers to watch more.

#4 Artificial Intelligence Applications: Real Estate

AI has all the potential to offer many significant changes to boost decision-making and also overall efficiency of the real estate business. With the help of AI, it is now easy to make smart contracts. AI reduces the risk of land disputes. It is now possible to get and keep track of the history of owners of a particular property. Smart contracts help in reducing waiting times, mortgage approval times and more. AI can also act as a personal assistant and help customers complete their buying process. There are several other promising applications of AI in our daily lives. The power of artificial intelligence helped a lot of industries grow. This has inspired them to do more with technology. Creative ideas pop up in each individual mind, but to implement it in the right way is what it takes to be successful in that particular field. AI helps in providing all the necessary resources to people who are hungry for creativity. 

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