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The act of giving machines human-level intelligence is what that can be termed as Artificial Intelligence and has been around for decades. We would’ve mentioned the term AI, Artificial intelligence hundreds of times in our blogs and also in few of our online sites. But, why? Why is AI making so much noise all around us? Let us find more about it in this blog.

In the last blog, AI Beginners Guide Part – 4we discussed some real-time applications of AI and how it is helping many industries grow. Today, we are going to get into real reasons why AI is booming now.

Why is AI Booming now?

In our first blog of AI Beginners Guide, we saw how AI emerged as a topic. To all the readers – do you remember the year the term ‘AI’ was first coined? If you do, please let us know in the comments. It would be an honour to know more about our loyal readers. Moving forward, let us see what made AI to get such a huge spotlight in today’s world. 

The main reason that sparked AI is the convergence of these three driving forces:

  1. The Power of Sophisticated Computing
  2. Availability of Data
  3. Extensive Algorithms

The Power of Sophisticated Computing

To build advanced systems, you should have the right equipment and infrastructure in place. Early PCs didn’t have adequate power. Supercomputers were exceptionally costly, out of the scope for even little and medium associations. Present Nvidia GPUs bunch (worth a few hundred thousand dollars) can meet the skills that of a Supercomputer. In addition, there are GPU cloud benefits effectively available to each person. Executing the AI calculations on a GPU could accelerate the training procedure by 10x – 100x.

Availability of Data

There is data everywhere, we are generating more data than ever before every time we log in or visit some sites online. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and all major organisations have access to all the personal data about you. Cab companies like Uber know all your locations. A normal car is equipped with 100 or more sensors that monitor hundreds of functions like fuel level and tire pressure. With the help of data, it has helped a lot of organizations curate the right product/service to their customers.

Extensive Algorithms

Just a few years ago, there simply wasn’t sufficient data available to train computer/program. Data is the food for algorithms, one must feed data to machines to train them and make them learn themselves. Now with the help of a huge amount of data online, we have enough data to feed machines and train them well. Artificial Neural Network algorithms were already developed in the late ’80s. The availability of data today has led an immense development in the neural network. Several self-learning algorithms fuelled artificial intelligence to rise up.

Andrew Yan-Tak Ng, a computer scientist says, “Artificial Intelligence is new electricity”. According to him, AI will be as important as electricity and will bring a change in every sector just like electricity did. We all know that data is the new oil. Soon we can expect to see more of Artificial Intelligence.

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