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We are back with your daily dose of AI. Did you know: HuggieBot is a robot that offers free hugs to patients in the hospitals to make them feel a little better? This is one of the ways how artificial intelligence can help us in the right way. Similarly, there are numerous ways AI can aid in making our lives better. 

In the last blog – AI beginners guide – part 6, we saw a basic introduction on how to adopt AI in the business. In this blog, we shall move forward with some more steps to adopt AI in your business to streamline all your activities. 

The next step after analyzing the problems is finding the right solutions to fix the issues accordingly. Here is the next step for you to follow to implement AI in your business –

Identify the problems that need the help of AI.

Diagnose the Problem

Just like the pre-diagnosis of a disease is essential to treat a patient, finding out a specific problem of your business will guide you to use AI to improve business value. Organizations should be clear about what AI can allow them to achieve. When the issue is recognized, using AI for business needs gets simpler. Once an algorithm is developed to solve one aspect of business effectively, it can easily be used to solve other aspects of business.

Draw up Use Cases

Identify the desired outcome first. Automation and efficiency are the two most popular drivers of a successful AI project. Then start a feasibility assessment. You’ll have to decide if you have enough information to work with and whether it’s simply the sort of information that advances itself to pattern identification and extensive decision making. If not, a present solution might be a more practical choice. 

Below are a few examples of use cases, the problem and acting on it.

The Problem: Predicting Customer behavior and Acting On it

Say that a certain company provides customer experience management software to an e-commerce business. For these businesses, customer satisfaction is a priority and they do so by using demographic and browsing history data. The AI program is integrated to analyse the user’s purchasing pattern and offer the right product recommendation to users to improve both sales and customer satisfaction.

The Problem: Generating Surveys that Deliver High-Quality Responses

SurveyMonkey, a leading survey software platform that lets individuals or businesses to create and publish surveys online. This company is using AI to leverage the data collected by the survey. They are doing so by using AI to help organizations map customer feedback via sentiment analysis. The data received by SurveyMonkey comes from unpaid users, so it is necessary to optimize for high-quality responses.

Above are the few examples of the problems that can arise in a particular business and how to take steps in solving the same. We will be back with a few more steps to help you understand the right ways to implement AI in your business to boost up growth, sales and whatnot. AI is a promising technology, using it in the right way will definitely give you promising results.

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