AI beginners guide part - 2

Welcome back to AI beginners guide – Part 2

As promised in the last blog AI beginners guide part 1, we are here today to learn a little more about Artificial Intelligence. In the last blog, we saw a brief history of AI, levels and types of AI. Today we’re going to move one step forward to see how AI is different from Machine learning, uses of AI and why is it such a trending technology today.

In the last blog, we saw Machine learning as a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. Let us see how they are connected.

AI vs. Machine Learning

Most of the smartphones are now not only juiced up with extra battery and lenses but are also equipped with a few AI programs in order to make your smartphones smarter. More frequently, AI and machine learning are being used simultaneously by several companies who want to showcase their latest innovation to the world. However, AI and Machine Learning have their own differences. 

AI- artificial intelligence- is the art of mending the machines to perform human tasks. It can be a computer, a program or any device AI can be implemented in. It is a computer that is provided with human-like attributes, for instance, our brain is constantly working on calculating, analysing, understanding everything that is going around us. The concept of AI is more like a brain, without the flesh.

A distinct subset of AI is Machine Learning. Machine learning is an art of training a machine on how to learn on its own. The machines are trained to look and learn from a pattern in data. To be clear, a machine does not need to be explicitly programmed by humans. A programmer simply gives examples of a certain data set, and the machine is going to learn how to move forward with the samples.

Uses of AI

  • Health Care: AI can get its hands on analysing complicated medical data, especially; AI helps in building computer algorithms to approximate outcomes without direct human input. The medical stream being a sensitive subject, AI is slowly taking steps in being more precise and efficient.
  • Finance: As we know, finance is an area where it requires a huge amount of calculations and handling money on a large scale but who masters it all? Yes, you’re right. It’s AI. Several industries which are focused on banking and trading are already on the move with implementing AI.
  • Business: The rapid growth of AI is helping start-ups and younger businesses. Soon all the businesses will be ready to adopt the technology. AI allows businesses to increase sales, identify fraud, enhance customer experience, ease the work processes and provide predictive analysis. Soon AI will transform the world of business too.
  • Education: AI helps in automating several administrative tasks, duties for teachers and academic institutions. It has changed the way of learning; with the help of AI, it is now easy to access educational materials through smartphones. Digital learning is possible with the help of many tools provided by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change whatever it lays its hands on. Stay tuned for more insight on AI. We will be back with more in our next blog.

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