Businesses have been struggling to adjust to unprecedented conditions over the previous nine months. While the struggle against the COVID-19 epidemic is far from over, there is a glimmer of optimism left. 

The year 2021 will be one of transformation. Individuals, corporations, and society may begin to look forward to moulding their futures rather than merely grinding through the present, assuming no unanticipated disasters. The next normal will be different from the previous one.

We'll look at some of the patterns that will form the new normal. In this post, we will talk about how they'll affect the global economy, how business growth is adapted, and how society is transformed eternally as a result.

Efficacy Of Operations

When analyzing Business growth performance in the new normal, revenue or profit is one of the first things that comes to mind. Measure total sales (in both volume and dollars), total revenue, and total profit for the year to determine your company's operational performance. Then figure out how much these figures change from the prior year's. It will be critical to compare the current financial year to past abnormal financial years regarding the lost customer to new customer ratio, customer lifetime value, and average lines per invoice. Further assists you in calculating these figures; most BI applications have extensive analytics capabilities.

Current Market Conditions

Internal data can only go so far; you'll need information on external elements this year more than ever to understand your company's performance. It's critical to consider the extent of your market share this year vs. previous — has it increased, remained stable, or decreased? Thus, it is something to consider.

It would help if you also thought about your competition while analyzing market circumstances. Examine the changes in your top rivals' market shares over the last year to see if you can spot any prospective or emerging competition.

(Such as new entrants or alternatives), as well as whether any firms have failed to make it or purchased by a larger group.

You'll shape your plan to address your competitors and determine the modifications they're doing to cope with the time using this knowledge.

Productivity Among Employees

Employee productivity is another important factor in your business growth success. Measure your central employees' contribution to sales, profit, and return orders to determine their productivity. Measure customer service personnel on their contribution to income from retained clients in the same way you measure salespeople on the number of sales and revenue they create regularly.

Apart from that, it will be good to assess general employee satisfaction with the organization in a year when many employees are working from home, and face-to-face interaction has decreased. Identify all of the elements that influence their productivity, such as corporate culture, management style, organizational policies, remuneration, learning opportunities, etc., and see how well your firm does in each of these areas. You will be able to discover chances to boost staff productivity, which will aid in Business growth strategy formulating this year's plan.

High Customer Satisfaction

Customer happiness is just as important as employee satisfaction for Business growth. The level of pleasure your customers have with your product, service, or organization is another vital sign of your firm's success. As part of your customer relationship management program, conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to see how satisfaction levels have changed over time.

Ensure you keep track of critical indicators like your DIFOT, detect missed sales, and provide mutually beneficial discounts or rebates. Customers will feel cherished and cared for in this manner, which will naturally boost their pleasure with your company.

Industry-specific business intelligence often includes CRM and sales opportunity management tools, as well as financial and operations solutions, to provide you with the operational, market, staff productivity, and customer satisfaction data you require. Most BI systems are designed to analyze unstructured data from other sources, allowing you to combine data from many sources like Google Analytics or weather trends to create a single perspective of reality. Therefore gives you a clear picture of your business growth and performance, which may assist you in driving new value-add growth.

Wrapping Up

The article tells how business affects the global economy, how it adapts, and how society has eternally transformed as a result.