Almost 10 years ago, I started to get involved with internet activity. I enjoyed increased free time and I wanted more financial freedom as well. I needed some additional income to provide myself a better, quality lifestyle. 

I have tried nearly everything, but the success eluded me, was not on my side. 
Over the time, I had occasionally dreamed about something, what I really like that has opportunity, fantasy, knowledge and notion.  

And then I met with Mr Ash Mufareh's marvellous vision.      
I instantly felt that this is it! This is what I was always looking for. A global marketing platform which is based on artificial intelligence. Something exciting, a brand new avenue to reach out to mankind. 

This door provided me a great pleasure, especially since I can join as a founder member and be one of the 50 thousand participants.   

I strongly believe and I know that ONPASSIVE fundamentally will change my entire life, as it does with numerous people worldwide. I'll be able to reach my goals and live a meaningful, carefree, financially secure life.     

I owe Mr Ash Mufareh appreciation, who created this extraordinary, phenomenal potential, ONPASSIVE

I am looking forward with great excitement and enthusiasm for the onset and I will recommend everyone to come with me all the way in this great adventure.