“Digital, or Internet Marketing, as you are accustomed too is about to be turned on its head. Everything you know or have ever learned about online marketing, network marketing is old news…very old news, forget the mundane and look into your future!

Essentially, very few people, perhaps, less than 3%, who endeavor a dream to make money online ever succeed…this is a fact, somewhere out there on the worldwide web of things.

Now, for the first time in the history of the internet, that stat is going to change…and change drastically. A very bold statement made by Mr. Ash Mufareh, CEO, founder, and creator of #ONPASSIVE, goes as follows; “Anyone and everyone that becomes a member or an affiliate of ONPASSIVE will succeed at making money online”, bold indeed. How much…is entirely up to each individual.

I feel fortunate to have been introduced to the ONPASSIVE vision in September 2018, skeptical at first, as promises and claims alluding to easy money online proliferate…and generally result in demonstrative failures and cynical victims with suspicion of every new “thing” offered.

Why I feel fortunate, you may ask…after consideration that I have patiently been waiting for the launch for more than a year now. I have seen growth, quite exceptional to say the least when I first registered there were less than 2000 members who had bought into Ash Mufareh’s dream, there are, at time of writing, almost 43,000 people that have parted with $97 in #Bitcoin to be a founding member in GoFounders, the pre-launch company named specifically for founding members. Phenomenal for a company that has not paid one single person a cent yet.

More than 200 countries represented in GoFounders.

I believe that we are coming down to crunch time; ONPASSIVE is in the final stages of development and recruitment of on the ground staff with offices in Orlando, Florida and a tech campus in Bangalore, India.

It is true, my experience in online marketing, network marketing, making money online etc…have for the most part, been tragically terrible experiences…with all the hype and bullshit one needs to contend with when participating in what is sold to you as the answer to all your desires for online success…there always seems to be the inevitable disaster waiting to happen…and 98% of the time, it is exactly that…a freaking disaster.

How many Cryptos, ICO’s, networking businesses, online MLM’s, crypto mining, blah blah blahs have I been in since 2015 that have crashed and burned…Is it me? Why do I keep buying into the failures? The least I can say is that I have experienced, I can spot an online scam in less than 3 minutes, I’m an expert at that!

Getting back to my being fortunate…I see ONPASSIVE as the saving grace positive outcome to these misfortunes. I see ONPASSIVE as a resulting solution, created by a man that has traveled the same road as myself…

Ash Mufareh, while having enormous success as an online and network marketer over more than 20 years, has experienced untold failures and disappointments, decided to change a broken, and never really efficient system into an opportunity where everyone that participates, earns a passive residual income.

ONPASSIVE has tremendous value to offer to #networkmarketers and #onlinemarketers alike. A proprietary software, automated #artificialintelligence driven, never seen before, one-stop-shop offering every conceivable tool and service to create, manage and maintain any business, a unique and explosive, never seen before, compensation plan that will have networkers biting at the bit, and a guarantee that anyone, no matter what level of experience will earn an online income, whether promoting, recruiting or not.

To evaluate the potential of ONPASSIVE one needs to be curious…and motivated. I provide a link here for you to learn more about this ground-breaking, king-making true paradigm shift, a company in the making that could very possibly achieve #SuperUnicorn status in a few short years. I, personally am convicted that ONPASSIVE will be up there in lights with the likes of #FaceBook, #Amazon, #Google, #AirBNB and #Uber…A company that will break and completely trashes the way we do online and network marketing, the benchmark for all contenders are here.”