Video Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI)  is now being utilized in every sector these days. More so, in the field of branding and sales. Artificial intelligence has been helping in terms of deriving insights and assisting publishers, marketers, and broadcasters to make informed decisions based on those insights.

Video campaign strategy and its potential:

The newest trend that we have been witnessing is the emergence of Artificial intelligence in video campaign strategy and this is here to stay as the video has a significant effect on people. The revenue derived from video marketing is rising and it is predicted that the industry will reach an estimated $47.89 billion by the year 2022.

Video marketing is used as a tool to achieve better branding as brands tend to believe that video marketing is a better channel to pass information and advertise their products, efficiently without hassle.  People are hooked to video marketing and it is said they spend approximately 90 minutes each day on their phones. Translated, it is 23 days a year. That is a lot of potentials and video graphics have an excellent recall value too, for customers.

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Using AI in Video marketing:

We mentioned earlier in the blog that AI is now being integrated into video marketing/campaigns and the results are marvelous. Video, at present accounts for 74% of all internet traffic and will rise to 82 % by 2021. Bringing AI into the mix, video marketing strategy could scale greater heights since artificial intelligence can provide tailor-made content to your customers.

ONPASSIVE the AI-powered smart business solution provider has such a tool called ‘Video Marketing’ in its arsenal which can let the small business owners and individuals tap into their customer base more effectively with video content that is custom-made as per the business requirements. This AI-driven tool lets video developers understand customer interest and create their future videos based on the same information. A majority of marketers believe that video can provide them with a higher ROI compared to other marketing strategies.

AI coupled with Machine learning (ML) and data analytics can deliver greater efficiency and better results based on the collected data. The benefits of AI in video marketing are:

  • Helps in rationalizing production: AI makes sure only relevant information is kept since big data and high-tech tools are used to produce video content.
  • Interconnecting vids based on watch history: Video platforms like YouTube motivate users to click on videos related to the content they usually watch. This information is collated with the help of AI and it builds interest in the viewers.
  • Higher reach: There are various reasons people watch videos. It could be for entertainment or gaining knowledge and so on. The reach of video, therefore, is far and wide.
  • Personalization: AI helps marketers to make personalized content based on users’ history, past search and social behavior. The tactic can never go wrong.
  • Real-time updates: AI can make it possible for businesses, brands, and companies to get feedback on their video product in real-time.
  • Socially-relevant content: After analyzing and evaluating the data based on social media platforms, AI analytics can do well. AI alone can tap into data that can be used for future content inputs.

In the end, we would like to conclude by stating that artificial intelligence has made marketers’ efforts worthwhile and has added value to their targets. AI and ML are not a fad and certainly here to stay. With the advent of video campaign strategies and video marketing, generic marketing, and impersonal target orientation is waning off. We are entering into a new era where decision-making is based on quick information and content. Having AI in your business’s video marketing strategy is the way forward.

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