AI revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the watchword that everyone utters these days. The phrase is pretty much chanted in unison by technologists, academicians, journalists, venture capitalists, businessmen, etc. So, has AI reached its zenith yet? On the contrary, it is only taking off now. If anyone thinks of an AI revolution. They are mistaken, at least, as of now.

While the building blocks of AI have started to emerge, the principles for putting these blocks together have not yet taken shape, and so the blocks are currently being put together in ad-hoc ways.  

Artificial intelligence is a new discipline that will be built on ideas such as ‘information,’ ‘algorithm,’ ‘data,’ ‘uncertainty,’ ‘computing,’ ‘inference,’ and ‘optimization.’ The Focus of AI will be on data from and about humans, the development will require perspectives from the social sciences and humanities.

Using AI as an intellectual wildcard makes it harder to reason about the scope and consequences of emerging technology. Machine learning (ML) of yesteryears has now been called artificial intelligence. ML is an algorithmic field that blends ideas from statistics, computer science and many other disciplines to design algorithms that process data, make predictions and help make decisions.

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General Artificial intelligence could be the biggest achievement that humankind achieved since discovering fire and agriculture after the machine reaches the technological singularity. The invention of artificial superintelligence, an upgradable intelligent agent would enter a “runaway reaction” of self-improvement cycles, with each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an intelligence explosion and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that would, qualitatively, far surpass all human intelligence.

So yes, the AI revolution is an ongoing process. Globally, data scientists and many companies specializing in AI have started to make some considerable progress in the form of tools to ease business, activities. One such organization adept in AI is ONPASSIVE.

ONPASSIVE AI – The revolutionary AI ecosystem

ONPASSIVE is a product-based online marketing solution company that provides plug-n-play digital marketing tools that enable complete business automation and AI-driven productivity and marketing opportunities.

These tools are entirely free to access and use for ONPASSIVE’s registered members. Individual and small business owners can access AI-driven tools to create invitation links, customized email templates, and can also download and share content, such as webinar videos, posters, and e-books.

ONPASSIVE’s AI-powered smart business solutions feature a plethora of smart tools in the armory and are working towards an AI revolution. We jot down a few characteristics of the smart ONPASSIVE ecosystem here for you:

Plug-n-play tools, integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), are designed to automate the end-to-end marketing process. These tools help to achieve at most productivity by removing manual efforts for each marketing activity and set your business to the auto-pilot mode. Now, you don’t have to hire anyone to complete your marketing tasks.

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ONPASSIVE transforms your offline business into complete online phenomena

ONPASSIVE offers digital marketing tools and services, such as –, Domain name registration, Web hosting, Video email, VPN, Email marketing, IP tracker, Targeted and Mass marketing campaigns, Website Builder, Video marketing, etc.

ONPASSIVE’s first and very innovative in-house designed URL shortener, TrimURL that shortens lengthy URLs into short customized sharable links.

ONPASSIve plays the role of a peer-to-peer networking platform that allows an important role to build a strong and self-motivated team.

ONPASSIVE’s members get to deliver more relevant and schedule personalized communications through SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Email, Push Notifications, etc. And all these personalized communications have customization options to save templates and use as many times as one wants.

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In total, ONPASSIVE takes care of your business and your personal needs through its smart and advanced automation tools. In short, ONPASSIVE is on its way to bring in the new revolution in AI for business owners and organizations.