Digital marketing

 ‘Artificial Intelligence is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity,’  said Stephen Hawking, the physicist. He couldn’t have been more right with that statement when you prod over the idealism of the AI and its effects on various aspects of our life.

The definition of AI itself states that it is a continuously evolving tool to make human lives more comfortable.  Practitioners of digital marketing and online business have always tried to discover the significance of Artificial Intelligence in SEO.  Digital marketing and AI pretty much go hand-in-hand.  The presence of artificial intelligence obvious in SEO, and at the same time, AI aids in bringing the most significant chunk of revenues to the business.

AI is a generic term spread into three facets, such as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Artificial Superintelligence (ASI), and Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). AGI archives human-like intelligence into the machinery, while ASI surpasses human abilities. And it is ANI which draws our concern because of all digital aspects of online business is controlled and improvised by AI.

In this blog, we lay out some online business practices for you to march alongside your competitors.

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Conversing through voice search:

Since many visual assistants have already initiated the idea of voice search, it only adds value in allowing the customers to interact more conversationally. Some examples of such products are Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, to name a few.

Since mobile phones are used to do voice searches and are done by a user who is in a hurry, it gives ease of search and higher speed to people in this fast-paced world, prompting them to search always on the internet. Imagine if your website is optimized for voice search keywords and content, you can trounce the competition and rank better on the search results.

AI-driven Content Marketing:

Today’s readers are always hungry for more information and long-tailed content or keywords with facts and figures. AI algorithm now generates most of the content saving writer’s time to draft essential aspects of the data.  AI helps in displaying optimized content as per the interests of your audience. Content marketers rely on this feature, also called accurate audience targeting, to target people with high-intent in buying a service or product.    

The success of such crucial features depends on the accuracy of the algorithm and the creativity of content creation.

Personalization of customer needs:

The data collected from customers with the help of AI-driven tools are used in the business strategy.  We have, therefore, seen business websites creating a personalized experience where the engagement rate is at its peak. Personalization is based on interests and trends of the audience collated by analytical tools.

In conclusion, SEO and AI is an essential part of any business because it dictates the taste and trends of customers, and this is constantly evolving. It is the most powerful and efficient ways to fetch data for search optimization. It is the confluence of SEO and AI that drives effective business strategies. Therefore it is established that AI in SEO is the future of the digital market.

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