AI in Content Marketing

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is a significant topic of conversation these days. Affirming tremendous cost and time savings, businesses from almost every industry are keen to see how they can leverage AI to enhance their operations and gain a competitive edge. While many companies have already implemented some forms of AI, some are still expecting significant barriers to adoption. But why? The truth is, regardless of all the hype around AI, many are still unsure of how to implement and leverage AI.

Nowadays, with AI-focused solutions ranging from plug-and-play to fully customized, it’s easier for businesses of all sizes to get started with AI. For marketing professionals, a key area where artificial intelligence is impactful is in content marketing. AI in content marketing helps marketers identify keywords, personalize content, examine analytics, and much more. Here we have highlighted different content marketers can leverage AI.

Weighing the Benefits of AI in Content Marketing

#1: Narrow the content discovery gap

Marketers must not only focus on producing bulk content, but also on driving the right action from the right set of customers through content curation. By leveraging artificial intelligence, content marketers can get their content discovered upon by the right set of audiences.

Today, marketers also leverage AI tools to get real-time recommendations on how to improve content performance. Besides, marketers can use predictive intelligence to deliver the right content through the right channel at the right time. AI in content marketing also enables marketers to leverage the power of personalization, increasing the marketing return on investments.

#2: Generate content of high value

Major content creation works are educated guesswork; marketers make hypotheses on what will be of high demand based on past information and their understanding of the market. AI can drive marketers to craft content that’s of higher value to the audience by examining and strategizing appropriate keywords and schematics in real-time.

Marketers can also use AI to distinguish trending topics using algorithms to track conversations on the Internet, such as those happening on social media and within advertised content. This subsequently helps marketers to stay ahead of the trends and produce content that will drive the conversations. By eliminating the guesswork, more of your marketing budget can be optimized to create and promote relevant content that will entice the right audience and produce the desired results.

#3: Stay on top of market changes with smart content

Content marketing best practices are evolving continually. Thanks to the continually changing SEO and social media algorithms, as well as consumer expectations and preferences. The application of AI solutions supports marketers promptly adapt to the ever-changing search landscape with the delivery of smart content. 

By leveraging smart content, tailored specifically to each prospect’s customer lifecycle stage, purchasing history, or browsing behavior implies marketers can fully leverage the power of omnichannel marketing. Besides, marketers can deliver personalized communications through all touchpoints including website, email, social media, the mobile app, and more.

#4: Cleverly Automate Monotonous Duties

To keep pace with the search and marketing trends, you require to analyze a lot of data continually. Many of these monotonous and manual duties can be automated using AI-powered marketing tools. In addition to this, you can plan, optimize, personalize, promote, measure, and analyze content and its performance.

Commence by assessing your current content marketing process and recognizing tasks that can be automated with AI technologies to save time and money. For example, the capability to distinguish the best topics and content formats based on real-time data can save up your resources to focus on content creation. You will also be able to have your critical strategic documents up-to-date and produce high-impact topics that will make outsourcing your content creation duties much more cost-effective.

#5: Maximize Chances to Leverage Insights from Your Data

Employing the right data, you can extract the right insights to help predict results, devise strategies, and personalize content. But, there is no one-size-fits-all solutions to what the highest-impact insights are for your company and content marketing needs.

The most reliable way to maximize opportunities offered by your data is to operate with internal stakeholders and owners of datasets to extract the most relevant insights and strategize suitable actions.

Making a Head Start on AI with ONPASSIVE

By 2025, nearly 70% of companies are projected to be adopting AI technologies. As a content marketer, it’s time to include artificial intelligence if you want to stay at the top of the curve, remain relevant, and proceed to engage your audience in a meaningful and profitable way. Get in touch with ONPASSIVE to kick-start your business automation journey with AI.