Education Sector

We all know that how everything has changed post-pandemic. Every industry had to find new ways to run their processes to survive during the pandemic and post-pandemic situation. The same implies to the education sector. Still the schools, colleges, and Universities in most of the countries follow virtual classes system as the situation hasn’t saturated. But most of us feel that this virtual mode of teaching is weakening the education sector as teachers are not able to pay enough attention to students. Meanwhile, the students are also finding it difficult to understand the concepts. We cannot say that the same issue did not exist during regular classes, but the situation has become more worse when it comes to virtual classes. Whether regular or online, the question is how we can provide the best learning experience to students, without increasing the stress or workload on teachers, in the best productive way possible. Artificial Intelligence based solutions is the answer to this issue.

Emotional AI algorithms, or Artificial Emotional intelligence, with facial recognition can be used to identify the attention level of students (in regular or virtual classroom) and also factors that distracts them. In this blog article, we will briefly talk about how AI can help organizations and teachers to improve students’ e-learning experience.

Distraction Detection

Attention is a very important element while learning new things. When it comes to online classes, students lose their attention very quickly. As a tutor, even if you find attractive and creative ways to teach, students will not be able to grab things if they lack attention or gets distracted. In such scenarios, real-time video based facial recognition system can detect facial deviations like yawning, looking to other directions, hyperactivity, speaking, attention deficit and so on, and intimate the tutor about it. This way, a tutor can identify distracted, or inattentive students and allow them to come with appropriate solutions or alternatives to engage such individuals. It is not only applicable to real-time classes but also to pre-recorded videos as well.

In addition, when users are not paying attention to pre-recorded video on a particular course, Artificial Emotional Intelligence-based e-learning platforms suggest activities or other courses to increase the engagement level of the user. This way, the user can stay connected with the user.

Attention and Distraction Analytics

Insights into the behavioral pattern (attention and distraction metrics) of your users can help you provide them improved services. Artificial Emotional Intelligence based e-learning platforms with facial deviation gathers information and provide analytics based on users’ attention and distraction data while attending live classes or watching course based videos.  This way, the organization or tutor can learn when and where the students are getting distracted, and also understand the attention span of students. This allows platform owners and tutors to modify or change their study material based on such analytics.

Create Engaging Contents

Experts suggest that the attention span of an individual becomes shorter if the content is not engaging. While recording videos for different courses, your first priority must be to keep the students engaging inorder to increase their attention span. However, the question is how to do this? Artificial emotional Intelligence-powered E -learning platforms can suggest different ways that can be added in-between the videos to keep the students engaging. This include real-life examples, quiz, animations etc that can make the course more interesting and easily understandable.

Automatic Assignments and Results

Artificial Intelligence in e-learning platforms assigns automatic assignments to students, grades it and provides instant results. This helps tutors to assess the capabilities of each student. This in turn, allows them to guide such students to improve their performance.

Concluding Thoughts

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning platforms creates new possibilities in online education. Content creation for courses have become more productive without increasing the load on teachers. It spares tutors from various repetitive tasks which allow them to pay more attention to those students who lags behind in performance. Overall, AI-empowered e-learning platforms are redefining modern-day education sector.