Artificial Intelligence Redefining Website Building Process

Artificial Intelligence based solutions are empowering industries around the world for several years now. It is no more a novel technology in this digital era. AI is providing endless opportunities for marketers to know their customers on a deeper level and improve their customer service.

Artificial Intelligence also plays a significant role in website building process. It is also known as Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). Artificial Design Intelligence in website building process is eliminating the time, effort and errors involved while creating a website.

Artificial Design Intelligence creates a website based on your preferences, interests and requirements within few minutes. For example, AI-powered website building platform poses a number of questions. Then it analyzes your response and drafts a sample for you to review. It can also analyze your logo, examine its colour combination and design, and come up with a color scheme and website layout that might work favorably with your templates, images, fonts etc. Now let us understand how Artificial Intelligence benefits website building process.

How AI helps to improve Website Building Process

Better User Experience

Organizations are aware of the fact that customers are the epicenter of any business worldwide. Customer-centric approach helps enterprises to earn profit and attain competitive advantage.

When users visit your business website, their dwell time depends upon how efficient, effective and user-friendly your website is. If users don’t find such qualities in the website, they will search go for other websites.

Artificial Intelligence with automated website analytics analyzes your website and provides suggestions on how to improve your website for a better user experience. These suggestions include content placement, website layout, SEO elements and other areas. This will assist you to come up with a website that visitors can use efficiently and effectively.

In addition to website analysis, leveraging AI can also help you to perform statistical analysis of website. This way, you can predict the users’ experience which will guide you to find the areas that require improvement and reduce the errors. Thereby, enhancing the user dwell time and reducing bounce rate.

AI-Powered Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Sometimes websites can be quite complicated while using. It might be very hard to find features or things that we are looking for. Mobile apps on the other hand, relieve the user from the pain of browsing through a complicated websites. Mobile apps are convenient and user friendly. This is the reason why mobile users want to use mobile app usability while browsing websites.

According to a survey, 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.

Using Progressive Web Apps (PWA), you can provide your users with an experience just like native mobile apps. It mimics the functionalities of a native app. The user does not have to install the app to use it. With AI integration, Web Application are enabled to track customer patterns, interests and needs. This way, the app shows a personalized result to users, improving user experience. Additionally, AI based PWA eliminates the development and maintenance cost that comes with mobile apps.

Real-time Personalization

One of the best ways to retain your customers and improve their satisfaction is to understand their preferences and requirements.

A survey suggests that 76% of consumers say the most important factor in a website’s design is “the website makes it easy for me to find what I want.”

Implementation of AI in web development makes the search engine smart. AI, with machine learning and predictive analysis, categorize unorganized data. It analyses previous information about individual’s browsing history, learns from it and find out a behavioural pattern. This way, AI-powered smart search engine is enabled to offer an instant, hyper personalized recommendations to the users in real-time. Understanding pattern will also allow webmasters to identify the potential customers and offer what they want.

Convert Lead to Customers

AI in website building can help marketers to find quality leads. By statistical analysis and real-time recommendations based on user browsing history, marketers can identify potential customers. Integration of smart chatbots with natural language processing ability can provide a good conversational experience to the user, helping to build a rapport. This might persuade and convert potential customers to buying customers.

Artificial Intelligence in the website building process is offering a quick solution to issues that are involved in designing and developing a website. From simple tasks like choosing colour combinations and website layout to complex actions such as customer sentiment analysis, AI is upgrading the conventional ways of website designing. This is just the beginning of the first step towards the future. The advancing AI is expected to redefine the website building process in upcoming years.