Artificial Intelligence

Did you know: Robots can now heal themselves? Yes, that is true. The self-healing AI-based robot is said to be known as one of the most significant engineering breakthroughs to date. Artificial Intelligence offers limitless opportunities regardless of the industry, and AI-based tools can help you achieve higher levels of expertise and keep you ahead of your competition. 

Many are trying to support the innovation, while only a few of them are able to maintain some level of control over implementing AI in their business. 

With a huge payoff on the line, it is currently estimated that AI has the power to increase global GDP by 14 percent by 2030, which adds US$15.7 trillion into the global economy. This has inspired a lot of people to 

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming the next frontier that unleashes the next wave of digital disruption, and businesses should be ready to implement it now.  Here are a few things to support the above statement.

Early-adopting sectors are leading the digital frontier

The act of a variety of sectors trying to adopt AI has caused immense growth in digital adoption. It is found that many industries that adopted smarter digital technologies in the past are more likely to adopt AI. Such an act has created the next wave of digitalization. This pattern in the adoption of new technology has always been common; we saw similar behavior when social media was introduced. Many businesses started including strategies like social media marketing content marketing in their business and have scaled their worth. Go with the wave to reach farther.

Bigger the Bolder

When it comes to adopting AI, the earlier, the better. This has led large companies to lay their hands on AI technology before any small companies adopt a part of AI technology in their business. Large companies have easy access to more and better-structured data, which can help them grow bigger. This tends them bigger firms to generate high returns of investment and get bolder on the way. Nonetheless, we see several smaller firms succeeded too. They have an advantage over the issues raised in larger firms such as with legacy IT systems and lesser resistance to change.

Businesses are reinforcing their Core with AI

Several AI technologies are finding applications across the value chain, but there a few parts of the value chain gaining more attention than others. To name a few, customer services, content management, as well as other operations that are helping businesses gain their digital edge. Operations and customer service are at the heart of many industries. However, as the trends in technology increased, we saw sectors going deeper and broader as they tend to increase their focus on AI adoption. Several leading sectors are not only focused on deploying AI in the core parts of their value chain but are also implementing it in other parts of their value chain. 

These factors have led AI technology to have a great breakthrough in being the most efficient digital frontier. Leveraging the AI benefits in your current venture will not only get you a great start to familiarize yourself with the technology but also take advantage of the seamless implementation that’ll allow you to move efficiently with today’s world.