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Artificial intelligence, a relatively new field, has been making its inroads into the digital and technological scene of late. But despite a short time since its advent, AI has ruled the roost when compared to virtual reality and Augmented Reality (AR), due to its diverse uses and applications.

The range of fields in which AI is being utilized is vast, from human resources, business operations, digital marketing, security, research and development, and even in hosting solutions. The list of AI’s usage and applications are pretty long.

Speaking of AI in web hosting solutions, top companies such as ONPASSIVE smart business solutions are now integrating artificial intelligence to help clients, small business owners, and individuals to get the most from their platforms. Here is how AI is improving the web hosting industry:

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Enhanced security

With the rising levels of cyber-attacks and other insecurities, business owners are paying more attention to the security of their customer and website data. With cyber crooks using advanced malware and futuristic techniques to try and gain access to the victim’s network, it is becoming hard for businesses to keep track of the number of attacks, let alone to protect themselves against such attacks.  

Thanks to the artificial intelligence solutions integration in the system, it is now easy to identify encrypted patterns and threats as they develop, alerting someone before it is too late. It could imply that when a business uses the predictive power of machine learning and analytics, then they can get an alert whenever their domain becomes the target.

Self-Repairing and updating systems

Any digital platform be it a website or social media account, it is essential to have routine maintenance to assess any potential issues and also make sure that they are functioning optimally. And since they quite often require professional attention, maintenance is often expensive. Artificial intelligence can ward off that problem as the firms or businesses integrating AI into their web hosting system can carry out self-repairs pointed out by the AI in the system.

It is true AI is yet not so developed enough to match human intelligence. It is, however, capable of helping people to perform their tasks more effectively. When a web hosting environment contemplates itself, it identifies potential issues before they blow out of proportion and performs some preventive updates or repairs. If a system can fix minor issues by itself, it frees up the web and IT teams from these duties thus enhancing and optimizing their performance and let them focus on issues that truly demand their attention.

Artificial intelligent systems can learn to appraise their human counterparts or professionals if they fail to rectify the issue themselves. This concept though in the developmental process, the ability to perform self-scan, diagnose, and repair is a major benefit for businesses to ensure that their hosting company includes Artificial Intelligence in what they offer.

Improve the performance of domain names

AI understands the pattern in which the data is getting coded and decoded. It analyses them and adds new patterns to them. AI can forecast how well the domain names and individual URLs can perform. Companies, therefore, can use AI to research such domain names and URLs which can give them high traffic and conversion rates. This increases the productivity and ROI of web host customers.

A great way for firms to use AI’s performance recommendation when looking for the best web hosting experience is to monitor the traction and longevity of their URL over time. Algorithms can learn how to look for anything and therefore one can integrate a data-mining exercise into a URL and measure the amount of traffic they generate and the duration, to give them an idea of domain selection.

Due Diligence

The online market presents a range of software and programs to help check whether a domain name is available or already taken; however, even the most reputable platforms can sometimes slip when it comes to credit and registration. With AI, companies can protect themselves against any unexpected accusations and surprises since programs can learn how to track domain names that match. By receiving continuous feedback about peers who are making a profit from a URL or term that they own, organizations can stay on top of mountains of data – namely domain registrations with branding issues.

Data-driven reports

Leadership authorities of the company, customers, and clients must get a report generated by using appropriate data. The numbers and figures should be used in such a way that they make well-guided reports. Artificial intelligence reports can match the past and present data and accordingly explain the changes that occurred. AI-generated reports should include the factors behind this growth. It also shows us to identify our brand’s loyal customers, according to their purchase rate, recurring rate, and the cost of purchasing products, which helps in building a good relationship with them.

Summing up, the artificial intelligence can show great improvement in the security from hackers and malware, reducing the human efforts and taking some proactive steps in hosting industry. Thus, to improve the performance, you can think of optimizing AI in your business.

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