Furtis Doffoney

Hi to all GoFounders, this is what I hope can happen if Ash gives a date for the soft launch; just think about it for a minute. Just by doing that would propel people to come into ONPASSIVE by the thousands, because everyone that’s on the sideline or undecided would have to decide to come in or not.

And just think what ONPASSIVE Nation would do with that when Mike Ellis and Marty & Dan start doing videos on YouTube about a specific and true date it will start, then for sure it’s a done deal, Just some food for thought, I’m sure if that happens, there will be at least 10 to 15 thousand would come in with no problem at all, if we get a date before the soft launch happens.

I give God all the Glory for using Ash to bring us all this life-changing Business. Thank you, Jesus!!!!