As I think about why I joined ONPASSIVE while helping my brother on his farm since he can’t afford to hire anyone, mowing and baling hay in 100 plus degree heat I wanted an honest opportunity that included a policy of positive mental attitude. This certainly had morphed into much more than when I joined. 

Good things take time, just like growing animals or crops for production. Not every crop or animal turns out the way you want it. There is understanding, patience, hopes, and dreams. Here we control the technology, far different than a farmer who is subject to global markets, price fluctuations, and worldwide events. 

My brother is dumping some milk, and cows sold for beef bring 30 cents a pound. There is no profit in farming anymore, and plenty to be negative about. However, one either adapts to change or continues with insanity…… doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That is farming today and produces more to sell at below the cost of production, all for the purposes of cheap food to feed the people.

I detest the slick marketing other companies do, pet companies showing high-quality cuts of meat and other products that are in their pet food when in fact, a trucker friend of mine called a while back saying, Hey, you know what I am hauling today? I have 25 tons of cow udders going to a dog food plant, so there is the beef in your dog food! That is only one example.

I find it refreshing to be with a company that sets a new standard of excellence, integrity, and honesty for a foundation we can all be proud of. Ash is a man I hold in high esteem to allow us the opportunity to be part of this exciting project. Oh Yes, I would prefer to be sitting in my air-conditioned office marketing the ONPASSIVE products. However, demands on my time provide only the benefit of getting a nice tan out in the field. The things we do for a family don’t require negotiation, and you just do because that is how it is.