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25 Jul 2020
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Ash Kindness will Bless 97% of the World’s Population

Ash’s simplicity, vision, passion, knowledge, and above all, his love for humanity is unmatched!

Finally, the true meaning of making the world a Global village is birthed with ONPASSIVE!

Coming from a war-torn country, with a passion for protecting, uplighting and educating children and women trapped in arms way, l couldn’t hold back tears when Ash expressed interest in the suffering vulnerable and unprotected population; the women and children for that are where l intend to spend the proceeds from ONPASSIVE! Protecting and educating women and children is crucial in building thriving communities!

Unfortunately, my damn laptop didn’t allow me to participate in the discussions!

I wanted to let Ash know what and how do I am feeling about him and ONPASSIVE. It will take three pages to type it here, so l will spear everyone the trouble and wait for the next verbal opportunity.

However, it is fair to say that Ash is the second Messiah!

His kindness will bless 97% of the world’s population!

Hopefully, the GoFounders will share the blessings that will be passed down to us! Think of the multiplier effect!

I bless you for blessing God’s children, Mr. Ash Mufareh.

May Yahweh’s Angels protect, guide, and guard you all the days of your life.


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