Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

The core concept behind marketing has always been to solve problems faced by marketers and users. It includes acquiring and converting prospects into full-time paying customers. As a consumer, you get good at marketing, which will help you guide all of them with the help of the purchase process, especially in the steps involving post-purchases and advocacy. With today’s stay-at-home environment, more customers are checking their email more than ever.

How Marketing Connects Brands and Customers?

At its best, marketing has always excelled at solving problems. Brands need to include acquiring and converting prospects into paying customers. For consumers, marketing helps to guide them through the purchase process from awareness to post-purchase and advocacy. And in today’s stay-at-home environment with customers navigating the purchase process in entirely new ways, solving customer buyer challenges and struggles has become critical.

Based on customer behavior, there are other data points involving scoring and automated email marketing messages. It is essential to have these tools to help marketers based on customer behavior, events/dates. Apart from these data points, the best tools available to help marketers solve problems are mentioned below. 

Prominent Components of Email Marketing:

  • Missing email account
  • More number of product returns
  • Fewer renewals of program memberships
  • One-time purchasers
  • Incomplete set-up by new users
  • Increasing costs of direct mail

You can solve the major problems you will face more commonly in your email marketing campaigns. These can solve with the help of automated email marketing campaigns.

What about shopping cart problems?

The shopping cart problem is one of the most significant issues faced by retailers and marketers alike, everywhere. Sending out a series of cart abandonment remarketing emails has been a standard practice, with retailers for many years. An upgrade is to use your journey and struggle analytics to identify actual or potential reasons, primarily for abandonment accurately. 

It is especially true for dynamically populating messages with the best solutions to the problem that you will keep facing. Listing one prominent example is with consumers who have credit card issues and reminding them of other payment options. It will show you how to find consumers who have experienced credit card issues and tell them of different payment options. It will help you in more ways than one:

●      Mapping the entire customer journey: You can quickly identify and know about all the various gaps, especially your customer journey. After you map the route, you will be able to find out what’s incredibly important. You will gain a better idea of the specific pages which are not working and all the channels with lower engagement. 

●      Talking to other departments: Talking to other departments is essential and incredibly imperative and will give you more insight into your business. You must think beyond to achieve the goals of the marketing and ecommerce teams and interact with finance, sales, HR, and logistics. You will learn about more insights and issues that you wouldn’t have necessarily been aware of by merely interacting with the customer-facing teams.

●      Highlighting customer satisfaction surveys: Your Company’s recent customer satisfaction surveys are a good indicator, to figure out where your company is falling behind. It will help you gain better clarity to understand where the content gets delivered with the help of email. You can educate all of your customers in reducing overall confusion to get a better experience as well.

●      Reviewing the most critical business initiatives: By staying on top of all your current key business initiatives or imperatives. Companies have launched a better subscription delivery service, with a higher percentage of new customers who are also canceling after just a few months. It is essential to look for big problems to figure out where email marketing can solve problems by enabling success!

●      Leveraging all of the existing content: This is the final step in the automated email marketing campaigns. It should be the core part of your strategy, by merely looking into what exists within your company such as videos, web or catalog copy and images for products. 

Final Thoughts:

This article helps you to resolve resolve all your subscriber problems with the help of automated email marketing campaigns. It is essential to answer all the difficulties that marketers and users usually face, to make a seamless and continuous process. By using marketing automation, you’re simplifying the entire email marketing procedure. Solving all the problems that your customers face, it will have an impact on the revenue, costs, and loyalty. Click here if you want to improve your email marketing campaigns with the help of ONPASSIVE!

Good luck with your future campaigns. Thanks for reading!