automated webinars

Ever used automated webinars as part of your marketing strategy? If the answer is no, you might have missed out on a great opportunity.

Automated Webinars:

So what are automated webinars in the first place? Automated webinars are regular webinars,  but they offer an on-demand version of a webinar online at any time with the help of AI. This is a video that you can watch from your website or social media pages.

With automated webinars, businesses can engage with prospects and clients as and when they want or they can also schedule a time for a live webinar to suit their schedule. Automated webinars are turning out to be a great way to boost engagements with the audience and also create a steady revenue stream. 

Here in this blog, we give you valid reasons why you should make automated webinars a part of your marketing strategy. It is possible to incorporate automation practices into traditional webinars with the technology that is available today.

  • Fully Automated Events: Here, you record your webinar beforehand and upload it to the webinar service of your choice. After its uploaded, you could set your service to stream the webinar at certain times and to manage the registration process associated with the different start times you would have specified.
  • Live Streaming Events: You could also automate your live-stream events partially. Though the presentation is in real-time, a webinar service can automate the sales funnel creation process for you by building landing pages, registration models, email notifications and more.

You could also create hybrid events combining live streaming and fully automated components in the webinars. After you have decided on the approach and technological features you want on the webinars, it is time to plan the content to include in your webinars.

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We have come up with some best practices that you could follow in your webinars too:

1. Keep the content timeless:

In case you have decided to run a fully automated webinar over and over again, select a topic that remains relevant to future viewers. You need to curate your topic with extreme care so that it is not time-bound. E.g. Suppose you have planned an automated webinar on digital marketing topic with the title ‘Top 10 SEO Tactics for 2019’, You cannot run the same webinar for the year 2020. Therefore make the topic sound universal like ‘ Top 10 SEO Tactics To Get More Traffic’.

2. Start with live events before automated webinars:

We suggest you first run live events to start with and then graduate to fully automated events later. We recommend this as you will be facing a lot of feedback after you allow audience questions. You can fine-tune your automated webinar later by incorporating these answers into your content.

In conclusion, automated webinars negate the toil and allow you to be more productive by focusing on growing your business. Automated webinars usually come with a learning curve. If you devote your time to master this tool, there’s no stopping you and your business.

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