Automation Technology in Customer Service

Whenever we face any issues or any challenges regarding any product or service, the very first thing we tend to do is lodge our complaint. Now, here comes the most challenging part of the process! No one wants to hold the call for more than a few minutes, but unfortunately, the customer service executive is also busy in some other task at the same time.

The best possible way is to deploy other human resources to assist the person, but that will be less profitable for the organization. Deployment of automation technology is the only cost-effective yet practical solution to streamline routine tasks and procedures. Automating the task lets a customer service executive focus on the customers’ demands and needs rather than just entering a few information and data.  When they try to focus on data collection and information placement other than attending the call properly, the attention gets divided. If a customer is not satisfied with their answer, they may not considering opting for service from them.

There are a few steps that need to be followed to automate the work process of customer service.

More Engaging Self-service Channels

Chatbots and automation reduce the tremendous pressure on customer care executives during the peak schedule or increase the number of calls. According to a recent survey, nearly 70% of the consumers opt for self-service channels to resolve their journey. The application of chatbots and AI plays a huge role in terms of solving the query.  It effectively analyses the searching tendency and presents the list of frequently asked questions at the apex of the knowledge base.

Suppose, if a large chunk of your customer base is curious about how your organization will solve a particular problem during COVID 19, chatbots and automation can come in rescue. These two works hand in hand together and capable of solving the basic queries of the customers. Chatbots can collect the data customer and share it with the customer service agent after processing it together. It enables the person to get the necessary information about the person before starting with the work. In exceptional cases, a live agent is required only. Thus they can refrain from asking the same questions to the customers. That’s why this automation technology is simplifying the customer service process.

The most effective self-service channels are significant in finding out more time-effective and engaging ways to solve the customers’ queries. A satisfied customer is the organization’s wealth, so you need to bring the automation technology to do this job judiciously.

Deploy Automation Technology to Clarify Cases

Near about 56% of the service, leaders are already exploring automation technology. This AI-empowered technology can be termed as the savior in crisis. The predictive intelligence recommends field value based on the previously gathered data. The AI-based algorithm predicts that agents do not need to scroll down and determine the correct data or value. It helps to classify the cases based on history or available information. After filtering it out, the call gets connected with the right customer service person, who will solve it without any mistake. 

Most of the organizations keep track of the types of access their customer service representatives are frequently getting to build separate case studies to gather more insight about which kind of cases they are mostly gathering and the process they are following to solve the same. It will help them to simplify their self-service channels and deploy the chatbots in a much more effective manner.

Deploy Macros to Improve Case Handling Time

Once you set up a map to automate the cases, you can apply macros with the help of a single click process.  These Macros are developed with a unique set of instructions to communicate with the specific service solution to finish a task. Macros take various steps by adding a note, sending an email, closing a case, or a few specific steps like loan application, requesting a refund process that is more valuable to the customer, or advised by the customer service agent who requires the lowest level of effort to build something. Try taking a small amount of data at a time to create a customized macro for your reference. You can always get a chance to correct and recreate the macros as per the requirement if something goes wrong.

Key Takeaways

Automation technology can be your biggest asset. The chatbots and automation help create a team to handle more complicated cases and serve the customers with empathy and understand their emotions. Try considering choosing the right AI-empowered tool or platform to augment the productivity of the customer service.