B2B marketing automation

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur trying to take your business to the next level or a small business looking for ways to increase your efficiency and decrease expenses, B2B marketing automation can significantly impact your company in many ways.

You should consider incorporating AI into your marketing, whether you’re just starting with marketing automation or if your business already offers excellent customer service, products, or services. Read on to know top examples of B2B marketing automation usage.

Top 5 B2B Marketing Automation Examples

Content marketing is the future of marketing automation

As digital transformation becomes more widespread and expectations of businesses rise, people are starting to realize that traditional marketing methods aren’t cutting it anymore. With this shift in thinking, many companies have begun looking into ways to incorporate a content marketing strategy into their marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a strategy that targets your customers’ needs and wants instead of focusing on your competition’s weaknesses. This is accomplished by creating relevant, helpful content your customers will want to consume daily.

By creating and sharing content with your customers, you can build brand awareness, increase click-through rates (CTR) on your ads and increase your revenue.

Help your customers feel and act more connected with your brand

Customers are more likely to make purchases when they feel connected with the brands they purchase from. This is why brands have begun to invest in ways to communicate with customers more personally. For example, brands increasingly use AI and machine learning to help customers create personalized shopping experiences.

Drive more website traffic with automation

Robotics, AI, and other technologies are making huge strides in artificial intelligence. One of the most popular topics on robotics today is how robotics can be used to enhance customer service. One example is Amazon’s Alexa, which can now be found on over 120 million devices. Alexa uses AI to deliver personalized content, live help, and schedule and deliver the news.

Help increase customer loyalty with automation

Customer loyalty programs are top-rated in retail, so it’s no secret that brands are taking advantage of this with AI. A loyalty program is a reward system where customers can earn points or rewards based on their purchases. Many of these programs cost excess money, so brands are looking to automate the process as much as possible.

Automation can reduce costs by eliminating paperwork and increasing efficiency. For example, loyalty programs like American Express’sScore can automatically track customer behavior and fulfill rewards points based on how often customers are in touch with the brand.

Increase employee productivity with AI-based marketing

A lot of companies are embracing the idea of AI in their hiring practices. More than half of large companies in the United States have implemented some form of artificial intelligence in their hiring process.

For example, if you are looking for a new job, AI can help you predict where you’d do better than the competition and offer you a position within the organization. AI to help you expect where you’d do best and then provide yourself for consideration can save you from making bad career choices.

Email and marketing automation helps to participate in campaigns

By sending regular emails to your customers, you can keep them up to date with important information and offer them a chance to participate in your campaigns. When setting up an email marketing campaign, you must consider the different types of emails you will send.

For example, you may want to send regular newsletters to your customers, or you may like to send promotional emails that are targeted at a specific group of customers. Once you have decided on the type of email you will send, setting up the email campaign is essential to ensure it is effective.

Summing Up

Marketing automation can make a significant impact on your business if used correctly. It can improve your sales, decrease expenses and help you reach your goals. Automation can help with various aspects of your marketing strategy, like email marketing and social media strategies.

With these examples of AI-based marketing, brands are using machine learning and big data to create engaging content, deliver relevant ads and increase click-through rates (CTR). So, what are you waiting for? Inculcate B2B marketing automation and get positive results.