Business Growth Hacks

In this digitally charged era, there’s no doubt that your business growth is mostly based on your marketing strategies. To achieve excellence, a company needs to develop and adapt to the new developments to ensure that the target audience receives the best service possible. 

A secret ingredient is what makes a difference in every business that is competing in the market. These marketing trends can add your business with valuable growth opportunities. Let us find out the marketing trends that has a substantial impact on your businesses’ growth.

Hyper-Personalization to Encourage Bespoke Communication 

It is a known fact that when a company catering to the consumers’ desires, they can retain their customers and thus keeps them in the long run. Technology has allowed brands to incorporate customization into marketing campaigns. 84% of customers like it when they are being treated as a person, not as a number which is very important to winning their business.

A trend like this in 2020 and ahead will help you tailor your communications based on buyer preferences. Because it won’t be challenging to learn about your target market or deliver tailor-made messages and generic communication will be an old-school approach that won’t find a place in the new era.


Podcasts are the best medium to reach a massive audience; over the years, these audio programs have gained enormous popularity. A podcast is a compilation of digital audio files that can be downloaded or listened on the internet. Using podcasts for your business as a marketing manoeuvre will help you reach out to new audiences.

Podcasts can help a wide range of audiences build familiarity with and gain more interaction for your business growth. 

Your audience is very likely to keep listening as long as the audio series goes on. Ensure that you upload interactive podcasts. These audio programs are prevailing just as popular as music, thanks to word of mouth. The world is obsessed with podcasts. And it just keeps on growing.

Social Selling

LinkedIn is the only online platform that leads straight to new businesses. The main idea behind social selling is to leverage a network already established to achieve your sales goals. You’re gaining leads through relationships already established and trusted. LinkedIn is considered the most popular networking platform to do this.

As an individual business, you can leverage the LinkedIn platform for networking and building relationships. Use this time to build a list of leads, and then put them into your sales funnel. Social listening allows your sales team to identify new leads, so you can slowly reach out to them with useful information when the time is right to boost your business growth.

Account-Based Marketing

Many B2B organizations are now looking to take on account-based marketing strategies to deliver unparalleled, authentic, and responsive customer engagement. While traditional B2B marketing strategies depend more on building broad public awareness, account-based marketing relies on the idea of approaching value accounts with appropriate tailor-made messaging. 

In an account-based marketing strategy, each customer account is treated individually, and buyers are revised with the highly relevant and efficient proposals fromsellers. It ultimately helps businesses land larger accounts and enhance customer retention.

Multimedia Content: Audio, Video, and Infographic

While text-based content plays a vital role in B2B marketing, multimedia content with an interactive genre acts as the visual front of marketing content. Visual content, such as videos and animations, an Infographic is beneficial for B2B companies to improve their brands by connecting to the audience through detailed and relative visuals. 

Another common aspect of digital marketing that has recently gained prominence is Videos. Videos are a vital tool for any marketing campaign on the B2B. They can reach and attract more customers. Needless to say, they’re trendy nowadays because they’re not just trendy, but very easy to spend the time.

While it is hard to keep pace with the latest B2B marketing trends in today’s chaotic business world, it is crucial to maximizing reach and sales. Without notable marketing strategies, one cannot run a successful business, and for that, you may follow and keep an eye on the above latest trends. 

Staying up with the new trend helps you from falling behind the transformative changes, and when properly applied, it would undoubtedly produce the best outcome. Some of the most important trends you can’t afford to miss are mentioned above. Let us know what marketing trends you follow in the comments below.