Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people who think differently, act differently, and achieve differently. They are never content with just collecting a paycheck or seeing through a project successfully. If it sounds like you, then you might be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs won’t be happy as long as they are working for someone else, seeking approval, obeying instructions, reporting results, realizing someone else’s vision instead of their own.

An entrepreneur wants it all, from hiring key professionals, setting targets, overseeing design, determining marketing strategy, and planning their growth. They want to sit back when the product is developed, and the customers are happy and say, “I did that.”

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Here are a few signs that you are an entrepreneur:

  • Sold things when you were a kid: Though there are many exceptions, it’s not unusual to hear stories about great entrepreneurs hustling at a very young age.
  • You can handle isolation: The entrepreneur’s journey from the start till the end is a lonely one. Make sure you overcome it by collaborating with others, working with a mentor, or joining an entrepreneurial community.
  • Take action: Instead of devoting too much time in writing a plan, focus on taking actions by solving problems.
  • You’re restless: If you are the type of person who achieved a goal and still is not satisfied. Instead, you are thinking about what you can achieve next? Then you are an entrepreneur.
  • You’re intelligent: Intelligence comes from your knack to solve problems and having an excellent memory. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have either skipped higher education or have dropped out of school.
  • You like being in control: You have a vision and want to make sure that it comes to fruition is what urges you to control others. Successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk have been described as control freaks.
  • You’re passionate: Without passion, you can never succeed. Passion is what keeps you moving when money isn’t coming in.
  • You’re a hustler: You thrive in knowing that you’ll receive what you put into your business and that you have the freedom to do it your way.
  • You’re optimistic: Entrepreneurs are not afraid to step up to the ground because they failed the last time. Instead, they believe that the more times you go to play, the more likely you’ll succeed.
  • Always have ideas: Whether you’re with your family, or in the shower, ideas never stop flowing when you’re an entrepreneur. Even though if you don’t benefit from them, you probably have notebooks or documents full of potential business ideas.
  • Don’t take “no” as an answer: Entrepreneurs are always determined, and they never concede. Instead of giving up, they’ll figure out how to do the impossible.
  • You’re a born risk-taker: Entrepreneurs take calculated risks every day; it makes sense that they’re natural risk-takers.
  • Confidence: You need the confidence to believe in your dream and take action. Research says entrepreneurs are far more confident than salaried workers.
  • You dream of the future: Entrepreneurs always think big. They can see what lies ahead before it even approaches.
  • You’re incredibly competitive: Most successful entrepreneurs can’t stand losing. Entrepreneurs take losing seriously, and they always play to win.

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