asp web hosting

So far, we have discussed Web Hosting and different types of hosting services available for various requirements. But in this article, we will touch aspects of ASP Web Hosting and its benefits.

The growth of different operating systems and platforms to host websites has been witnessed by the evolution of web technologies. Most of the open-source web hosting platform work on PHP, however, advanced websites and web-based applications use ASP (Active Server Pages) platform compatible with .NET language.

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft to produce dynamic web pages. .NET, along with ASP, is a free and open-source developer platform for building advanced websites and web applications.

How Does ASP Web Hosting Work?

When you type in a URL, then either of these 2 types of files is sent by the webserver – HTML or ASP. A received HTML file will be the same as it is on the webserver, but an ASP file would first run the HTML code and then the ASP code which is basically time, date or any other information.

Features of ASP Web Hosting

  1. Supports all the latest web platforms, such as PHP, Perl, CGI, Python, etc.
  2. Web-based control panel and access to the WebMail.
  3. Access to File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  4. Supports e-commerce websites and multiple Email accounts
  5. Provides services for blogs, videos and live chat

Advantages of using ASP Web Hosting Services

  1. Open-Source Platform: Since ASP Web Hosting is an open-source platform, anyone can make changes, share updates and improvements across the network. Thus, it helps users to get the benefit of already existing web solutions.
  2. High Speed: Websites load faster on ASP. NET platform because of less programming codes used to create the site. The packages used by ASP.NET have complied codes which directly translate into object code once executed, whereas interpreted code require a user to read and interpret, which leads to slow page loading.
  3. Intuitive Features: ASP.NET requires less programming code than PHP. It provides template-based page development and server-side caching. This means less time will be spent on the codes, and site pages will load faster.
  4. Less Setup for Windows Users: Since ASP.NET is based on Microsoft technologies and work specific to Windows, hence it can host a website on a Windows server. Sites using this platform is work perfectly on Windows OS. However, it is compatible with all types of servers — Windows, Linux and macOS.
  5. Website Security: ASP.NET has built-in features that protect websites against hacker protocols like open redirect attacks, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and SQL (Structured Query Language) injection attacks. Since it supports multi-factor authentication protocols, it has got a high reputation for security.

Disadvantages of ASP Web Hosting

  1. Less Popular Than Hosting Sites Using PHP: Many Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla use PHP. These CMSs have built-in templates and plugins which are easier to use to create websites than writing codes like ASP.NET. This is one of the major blockers in its popularity.
  2. Potentially expensive: Larger organizations afford the associated costs because ASP Web Hosting is not ‘Free’ open-source platform. That’s why many larger organizations use advanced websites built over ASP.NET platform.
  3. PHP Has Larger Community Than ASP: Although ASP hosts provide 24/7 customer support, it has got a smaller community than PHP. So it means very few developers are boarded on this platform, which also means fewer support resources who can work on improving the framework.