Gratitude is a powerful energy

When you feel gratitude inside yourself, you will find it more natural to allow it to flow outwardly as energy or words or actions.

Gratitude is an amazing energy. Being grateful starts with YOU.  More specifically, it is a FEELING from inside you.  

From you, energy can flow to other people, places, things, and ideas. Remember, also, your own gratitude can flow back to you.  Others can benefit from your gratitude, but it nourishes you more than anything or anyone else.  

The ONPASSIVE community is the perfect place to practice words and actions of gratitude.  Why?  Because others are practising gratitude regularly.  The energy of gratitude builds our community in the most magnificent way.

Be grateful!  Feel the joy of gratitude.  And then express it in ways that feel good to you.

Make this a Thankful Day!