benefit statements

In today’s customer-driven world, features and benefits of any product and services play a significant role in the customer’s buying behavior. Therefore, targeting the requirement of your potential audience and capturing their attention by adding all-new features and benefits which your business is offering.

The dilemma is when any business is writing the content; usually, the features appear similar to the benefits because the business believes entirely in what they are selling. Any business needs to know that all the component of the product or program is essential.

What Is a Benefit Statement?

It’s a statement that certainly describes the advantages of a selected product or program. Any consumer can understand the real importance of your product and purchase based on those benefits, rather than just features.

It’s necessary to know that there is a clear distinction between benefits and features.

Features vs. Benefits:

A feature is a component of a product or program, venture, individual’s expertise, etc. A benefit is the result of the feature which a customer can enjoy or utilize.

Feature stress on the product’s uniqueness and characteristics, whereas benefit, emphasizes on how the customer’s experience or circumstance enhance the outcome of your products or services.

How to sell benefits?

You can use three simple steps if you want to sell your product on the basis of benefits:

Clear call-to-action: You should always have a clear call-to-action whenever you are selling your product or services based on benefits.

Provide resolution: Always provide the solution to problems that you think customers are facing adding it as the benefits, showing that issues can be resolved. Hence, explain it with resolution.

Outcome: Always create your benefits based on the result which the customer will have after using your product or service.

The Advantage of using benefit statements:

Long story short, benefit statements are essential because they give consumers meaning to their buying a straightforward view, which might result in more sales. Benefit statements enable marketers and salespeople to take full advantage of it when customers feel doubtful or suspicious.

Relate to customer needs:

Any product or service you sell won’t impact a customer’s buying behavior until it meets the customers’ requirements. Most of the time, the feature which is mentioned by the business does not meet the customer requirement, and customers tend to bounce from product or service.

When you ask the consumer about the problems they’re encountering and then provide them with the feature of your product or service and how this feature can assist them, you’re offering a reason to the customer to buy your product or service.

Showcase the hidden characteristics:

Some of the products, programs, and services have a broader impact on catch points than what they mention as the feature, which further results in a decrease in the conversion rate.

The hidden value expands the value to the audience to more than just once that your product can help them. Once customers discover that they have a product that is taking care of the requirement, they also become loyal towards your business.

Your product’s benefit statement is an essential part of increasing your business value. Boasting knowledge about the features of your product or service can help you to gain the attention of potential customers.

If you once understand the feature and benefits of your product, program, or service and have a benefit statement ready, you will be prepared to answer any query of the customer and enhance your conversion rate.