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What is Automated workflow? 

Any organization consists of various departments viz. sales department, marketing department etc. where there arises a constant need of getting approvals for a particular work. Automated technological solutions guarantee the automation of these tasks by removing disturbances involved. It’s a technological solution that automates various tasks involved in the workflow by eliminating human intervention requirements. Following are the benefits of automated workflow for the various departments: 

1. Management of operational performance

  • Streamlining repeating business activities

The automated approval workflow allows streamlining of recurring business activities of document management and that related to delivery. Hence, it standardizes and streamlines various operational business activities. 

  • Reducing cost

The automated approval workflow helps reduce costs required for various operational activities, such as eliminating expenses as necessary for paperwork, spending less amount to acquire new customers, and minimizing production cost. 

  • Supporting decision-making process

Automation also provides support to the decision making process. It leaves managers to manage key approvals and saves a lot of time and resources, which helps in quick decision making. 

  • Availability of immediate and correct information

You can save and manage a large amount of business data on a single platform. It makes it easier for representatives of respective departments to access immediate and correct information with a single click. 

2. Management of sales team 

  • No waiting time for transactions

The sales department can save time and focus on crucial tasks by letting automation help them with transaction processes. Hence there is no need to wait for manual approval of transactions of the sales department. 

  • No need of maintaining paper records

The quotation management software, with the help of ready to use templates, provide instant quotations. It eliminates the need to maintain paper records. It also helps reduce expenses. 

  • Immediate reports and forecasts

Workflow automation gives an overview of all the processes taking place in the organization. The system is robust to store complete information on a single platform. It provides reports and feedback on the sales process immediately as and when the sales department wants it. It helps to fix interruptions, if any.

  • Micromanagement is not necessary anymore

Micromanagement asks for approval at each stage. With the help of automated approval workflow, approval at each step in the sales process gets approved without the actual requirement of getting it approved every time by the sales manager. It enables approvals to flow stepwise. 

  • Reduced administrative errors

By eliminating inputting the data by the manual process, automation reduces the number of administrative errors. 

  • Efficiency

Automated task management regulates various tasks by regularly displaying them on the dashboard, setting related reminders, alerts and pop-ups. It keeps the sales manager updated about the status, challenges and opportunities for process improvement in the workflow. 

When each business process gets tracked and organized this way, every stakeholder would be updated about developments’ current status. And in turn, it would help achieve organizational efficiency. 

3. Management of marketing team 

  • Efficient content approval process

Automation tools also help with the management of content approvals. It offers flexibility to the marketing team, and thus they can create content approval workflow at ease. The approval process further assists in the management of various social media channels. 

  • Client approval process

Your marketing team can view how the content is moving internally, defining the client approval process. 

  • Tracking efficiency 

The marketing automation system helps track all the related information and give a complete idea about the marketing department’s progress. 


The automated approval workflow is a smart way of managing various organizational tasks. This technological advancement relieves human efforts by streamlining recurring business activities. Thus, organizations can optimize the efforts of human resources. So, it won’t be wrong to say that automated approval solutions make businesses smart and efficient.