A Chatbot is an automated program that helps people in customer support by answering questions and providing information about products or services. They are also helpful in raising complaints. A recent survey suggests that 65% of customers like using chatbots to get information from businesses. A full-functioning chatbot can do many tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively than hiring an employee. A person can only handle two or three people at a time, and the average hold time is seven minutes. With a chatbot, you can answer customers' questions 24/7, and a single bot can answer tens of thousands of inquiries a day. It also eliminates human errors and is a great way to improve customer service.

Here's a look at the benefits of chatbots for your business. If you're thinking about implementing a Chatbot for your website, read on to learn more about this useful tool. 

- Saves Time & Revenue 

A Chatbot can help any business save time and money. It can make customer service easier for businesses and even help small businesses stay open. Whether you're looking to increase sales or generate leads, a chatbot can answer common queries and help you meet your goals. A chatbot can also improve customer service and increase sales. In addition, it can save you money, as there is no human labor required to interact with your customers.

- Beneficial for Small & Medium scale Industries 

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to remain open all the time. A customer can leave a voicemail or a letter in such a scenario, but most queries won't be answered until business hours resume. It makes the customer experience better and ensures that the business is always open. If customers have questions, they can contact the chatbot. A Chatbot can help you generate leads and showcase new products with one click.

Chatbots can be highly effective for small businesses that depend on leads. For example, real estate agents and marketing agencies often rely on chatbots for lead generation. You can ask a chatbot for a zip code, job title, and other data so that it can send relevant offers to your customers. It can also qualify users and collect contact information. It can also send push notifications, which will allow you to get the contact information you need from the customer with just one click.

- 24/7 Availability 

Using a chatbot can help you keep your doors open and ensure your business's continued success. By providing a 24/7 presence, a Chatbot can help your business stay open and profitable. A Chatbot can solve problems that are impossible to solve with a human being. It can be used to provide information about a particular company. Another significant advantage is that it can answer customer queries even outside of business hours. 

Companies typically apply a passive approach to customer interactions. They respond to a customer only when the customer has asked a question. This is an inefficient approach that can't compete with the latest technologies. As a result, companies must constantly adapt to these new trends to survive in today's competitive world. On the other hand, A chatbot can interact with customers at any time of day and provide valuable information to them.

- Interactive Communication with the Customers 

A chatbot can provide real-time assistance and interactive communication to customers. A chatbot can ask questions to understand what the customer wants and can present the relevant data for customers. Moreover, it can help you retain your existing customers. It is possible to automate customer service processes with a chatbot. And the process is fast and easy. This type of technology will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.


A chatbot can help you answer the same questions that live agents can. A chatbot can be programmed to provide relevant information for your customers and provide them with the information they need. It is easier to use than ever to create a voice application and is compatible with most common smartphone apps. 

If you don't want to build a voice application, consider building a chatbot instead, as it can build this rapport and be there when customers need it. Rather than a value-added service, a chatbot can streamline customer service and improve efficiency. This makes it an excellent choice for SMEs looking to improve their customer service and reduce their cost. You can try using O-Chat, an AI powered tool by ONPASSIVE to be integrated in your business model and reap the benefits in the long run.