Benefits of Machine Learning in the Growth of Online Education Space

With many businesses and events moving online due to pandemic situation and people are gradually adjusting to do more practical things remotely. Online education space is one such sector that is technically upgraded in a thought-provoking manner. The last year has seen a drastic change in the way education is conducted. 

Online education has evolved tremendously and provides students or learners to choose a course of their choice and earn a full-fledged degree through online learning. With all the educational institutions operating online due to the current situation, organizations need to provide students with classroom kind of teaching experience as much as possible.

Educational platforms provide students with the most engaged form of teaching and are integrating various smart technologies to deliver knowledge to their users or students effectively. Machine learning is one such technology that has become an inevitable part of the E-learning industry over the past decade.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and provides IT systems with the ability to learn and interpret data without human intervention. Machine Learning functions to access necessary data, analyse it, create patterns, and cluster them into various categories.

Various machine learning algorithms are widely used and are mainly divided into four categories, namely:

  • Supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • emi-supervised
  • Reinforcement Machine learning

Machine Learning is currently being integrated by various leading organizations such as Google and Amazon to provide personalized product suggestions. Even IT companies like ONPASSIVE are integrating Machine Learning and AI into their newly developed E-learning platform “O-Cademy” to empower students or learners with an innovative learning experience. 

The Role of Machine Learning in the Evolution of Online Education

The following are few benefits of integrating Machine Learning in E-learning platforms:

Customized Learning Process

The education process and Machine Learning are closely related and interconnected with each other. ML algorithms help analyze how students are perceiving and receiving the information provided to them. Machine Learning helps and enables instructors to trace the learning process of each student individually. 

ML provides online learning platforms with the benefit of a profound perception of information compared to traditional classroom teaching and ensures that every learner perceives the information properly. 

Better Grading for Learners 

Another advantage of integrating Machine learning with online education is an improved approach towards evaluation. Each online course reflects towards a large number of students and their learning abilities. However, the grading process can be done in a matter of few seconds with the help of Machine Learning. 

Machine learning also helps educators efficiently detect plagiarism issues, which improves the grading and evaluation approach of online learning. 

All Round Content Analysis 

When Machine learning is applied to online education, it helps take the industry to the next level by regularly updating the content and providing users with relevant information. ML technologies analyze the content of courses provided and ensures the quality of the content meet required standards. 

ML algorithms play an important role in ensuring that learners are provided with relevant content and improve the overall learning process. 

Personalized E-learning courses 

Each student is provided with personalized e-learning courses with the help of AI and ML-based on their previous performance or activities. Both technologies help compile the information based on exact users request and provide precise answers whenever users need support.

The learning process can be improved when users are provided with personalized content and the automation tools of e-learning. 

Higher ROI of E-learning 

The personalized support of Machine Learning technology provides E-learning companies with the benefit of providing users with content customized according to their needs and maximizing the utilization of resources. 

ML helps organizations match the budget with resources and time, which is crucial for the corporate sector. The integration of ML with e-learning platforms increases the ROI of e-learning institutions. 

The application of Machine learning in online learning enhances the overall experience and increases the learning potential of students irrespective of the sphere or subject, and helps automate the process of scheduling and delivering customized content to each student or user.


Integrating Machine learning technology with online learning leads to optimization and enhancement of online education and helps provide outstanding results. Therefore, companies need to integrate smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to replace the traditional education system and enhance the quality of online learning.