content marketing calendar

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Do you know what is the major reason for most marketing plans failing? It is mainly due to a lack of implementation, as issues come up the time allotted becomes limited and priorities can also shift!

Marketing implementation has many unintended consequences for your business, especially due to a lack of effective marketing. One of the best ways to combat your lack of marketing strategies is to use a content marketing calendar!

When you turn your marketing plan into a content marketing calendar and integrate it, this will make all of the tactics more tangible and visible. This can also help to make people accountable for their actions.

Before understanding the benefits of using a content marketing calendar, let us learn to define it first.

What is a content marketing calendar?

A content marketing calendar is a document, which helps out all of the marketing activities across an organization. The main purpose of this calendar is to keep all your stakeholders organized and accountable. By clearly defining your marketing responsibilities, you can document the details and the timing of what to be accomplished.

What are the major benefits of using a content marketing calendar?

A content marketing calendar in 2020 is incredibly beneficial and there are numerous benefits of utilizing a content marketing calendar. Let us look into them, shall we?

1. Solidifying expectations and deadlines:

  • The biggest benefit of utilizing a content marketing calendar is the ability to plan and track upcoming initiatives.
  • Assigning tasks and deadlines to specific people leaves no room for surprises.
  • When you schedule blog posts and articles can allow more thought space to your content creators in producing content.
  • Content marketing calendar can help to create new content such as writing a piece of content, presenting webinars and even filming interviews.
  • A content marketing calendar can also help to avoid scheduling conflicts and give your team the leverage to make adjustments.

2. Clarifying ownership:

  • The content marketing calendar which is responsible helps to give a clear insight into marketing initiatives.
  • When creating a content calendar, you must assign a person to manage the calendar, keep it up to date, maintain the structure and ensure that the deadlines are kept.

3. Organizing messages:

  • Using a content marketing calendar is beneficial as it helps to convey the management and visibility of the messaging of a firm.
  • Some different examples of using a content calendar are for titles of e-books, guides, blog posts, webinars, presentations, paid advertising campaigns.

4. Tracking the marketing budget:

  • Fixing the marketing budget is crucial in adding the budget to your content marketing calendar, rather than the actual content details.
  • Marketing calendar can serve the function of tracking your budget on a spreadsheet, as it helps to list costs and resource time which is allocated for marketing activity.
  • You can easily track the budget as well as the expenses for all your marketing activities.
  • This calendar can help to bring more visibility to the marketing budget of your firm, in preventing team members from falling into budgeting traps.
  • Having more clarity can be beneficial as the marketing budget can be attached to any kind of activity.

5. Understanding the bigger picture:

  • Your marketing calendar can help to give you a full picture of the marketing activity over a month or two.
  • You can see how individual marketing efforts work together and you can see what type of engagement is occurring and how you can improve it further.

In conclusion, these are the various benefits of using a content marketing calendar in 2020. In the next article, we will be taking a closer look at how to create a calendar, which your followers will absolutely love. Thanks for reading!