link shortners

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In this article, we will understand the main purpose of link shorteners and how they can be beneficial to your audience. In your entire digital marketing strategy, a link shortener is the one tool that constantly gets missed out on.

What exactly are link shorteners?

To understand exactly how to link shorteners can benefit your business, it is important to define what a link shortener even is.

Well, a link shortener is just what it sounds like – they are simply tools which help to condense a long URL into a smaller briefer one. The shorter the URL, the more attractive and catchy it is.

Shorter URLs are also incredibly handy as it is shared across more frequently. Link shorteners can help reduce the size of lengthy URLs, as in the past bulky URLs can render them unusable.

So what changed?

Basically, the advent of Twitter!

Twitter is one of the most prominent social media networks. Twitter was unique as the maximum characters that could be worked with were 140 characters. This meant that long, bulky URLs could no longer be used as they consumed a larger number of characters.

Since its original conception, these link shorteners have proven to be incredibly useful and valuable especially for marketers everywhere. Most of these URL shorteners let you customize your links according to what you like.

What are the benefits of using link shorteners?

Some of the other benefits of using URL link shorteners can help to customize links to appear more trustworthy and appear less spammy. These shorteners can help reduce character counts and tools to track links, organize with tags.

Link shorteners can help to add custom scripts and can help custom audiences by creating shortened links using retargeting pixels. You can create shortened links with the help of retargeting pixels and tracking codes.

By utilizing link shorteners, you can trim URL to create short links which will be incredibly beneficial to your website’s business. You can also offer endless opportunities for customization. Some of the various customization tools that you can use are to edit your links’ meta titles.

You can also use tools to edit descriptions and images for sharing on social media. Your domain name can be used to include your own domain name for extra personalization. By shortening your URLs you are ensuring that the reach of links is vast!

In a nutshell, here are the benefits of using link shorteners in your business:

  • Links are much more manageable when shortened and are much easier to share, compared to bulky links which may be filled more with junk, than readable text.
  • Link shorteners can help to track and compile clickable data, this helps to build better products and services as well.
  • They are also great for transforming into social media services. This works incredibly well to improve social media for your business.
  • Link shorteners come with a variety of different useful features to improve the browsing experience of users as well.
  • Link shorteners are also incredible in increased sharing as you can simply add more links, additional content.

With the massive increase in the rise of mobile phones, texting and social media – this will make sharing content on the web much easier.

In conclusion, these are few benefits of utilizing link shorteners to their fullest potential. This can help to vastly improve your business as well, as this will get more shares across as well. If you are trying to shorten your links in the future, we hope these tips prove to be useful to you. Good luck in utilizing link shorteners!