Best AI & ML Innovations By ONPASSIVE

To stay on top of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) innovations, you need to upgrade your technology stack. And, innovations in AI and ML demand more computing power than ever. To keep up with the demand, you need to rely on experts.  Backed by state-of-the-art AI & ML Innovation Labs, ONPASSIVE enables enterprises to seamlessly and rapidly deploy AI and ML-powered applications while achieving institution-wide automation. ONPASSIVE Artificial Intelligence solutions and based on cooperative intelligence – AI systems that can work cooperatively with humans and apply human knowledge at scale including explainable AI, knowledge-driven ML, conversational AI, and intelligent privacy.

All You Need to Know About ONPASSIVE AI & ML Innovation Labs

* Everything you Need to Succeed with AI

Several next-generation solutions powered by AI are developed at ONPASSIVE Artificial Intelligence Lab. Our Lab engineers and data scientists develop solutions that help your employees work more efficiently with less.

* A Community of Innovators

The ONPASSIVE AI lab is a community of researchers and innovators. We assist businesses of varied industries to find and capture concealed value from data through a unique blend of big data, and AI and ML.

* AI for Every Business

Not every business has the capability to generate value from AI and ML in-house. The ONPASSIVE AI and ML labs make AI accessible for all industries and sizes.

* Algorithm for All

ONPASSIVE helps businesses to engage their data science platforms by enabling effective collaboration between data architects and business teams to build and ceaselessly improve ML models with fitting governance set up in place.

* Solutions that Evolve with Challenges

Every solution developed in ONPASSIVE AI & ML labs intends to simplify and better your employees’ tasks. Our sole objective is to accelerate your business’ growth by freeing up your manpower to focus on more critical tasks.

Why Do You Need ONPASSIVE AI & ML Solutions?

* To Innovate

ONPASSIVE AI & ML solutions enable you to customize workload solutions to meet your specific IT requirements. We innovate solutions that automate and tune your existing systems and implement industry best practices.

* To Evaluate

ONPASSIVE enables you to test tomorrow’s technology today. With early access to emerging technologies in the Lab, you can assess how they are going to impact your applications as well as business.

* To Collaborate

With ONPASSIVE AI solutions, you can run AI-powered applications like pros without being an AI expert. We allow you to confidently dive into the technical aspects of the AI and ML solutions you are considering by setting up special sessions with subject matter experts.

* To Optimize

We help you optimize your high-performing computing systems adding artificial intelligence to them and implementing industry best practices.


To achieve and sustain an edge over your competitors, you need a superpower that will help you attract more customers and skyrocket your growth. Only AI and ML can give that superpower. It’s time to leverage ONPASSIVE’s AI and ML prowess to achieve your business goals.