Do you utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others to build an audience, generate interaction with your business and goods, and convert leads and sales?

If that's the case, consider how artificial intelligence may help you increase social media revenue while reducing planning, development, and administration costs.

Please keep reading to learn more about it.

What exactly Is Artificial Intelligence (AI), And How Does It Work?

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that refers to various technologies, including machine learning, image processing, speech recognition, deep learning, etc. However, at its most basic level, AI technology allows computers to do some cognitive activities on par with humans.

Self-driving vehicles, for example, can identify obstructions using AI-powered object detection algorithms in the same manner that people can, allowing the computer to take charge.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, your favorite voice assistants, such as Alexa or Siri, understands your comments as if they were spoken by another person and then respond in kind. Amazon and Netflix use AI recommendation algorithms to promote products and movies you might like, assuming your preferences in the same way that a fellow product or movie enthusiast would.

Importance Of AI Tools In Social Media

In some manner, AI technology is used by most social media sites. As a result, AI is at the heart of the world's most popular social networking sites. Social media networks leverage contemporary technology and improvements to increase user engagement.

  • Facebook uses sophisticated machine learning technology and faces recognition in postings to target individuals with advertisements.
  • Instagram uses artificial intelligence to recognize diverse photos. Snapchat uses artificial intelligence to track your movements and generate a real-time overlay that allows you to move your head.
  • Artificial intelligence is used by LinkedIn to provide job recommendations and to serve specific things in your feed.

Artificial intelligence enhances social media marketing in two critical areas for social media marketers:

Decrease costs: AI may let your staff concentrate on more essential tasks by partially or automating some of the most labor-intensive activities that take their time. This includes scheduling and uploading shares, retrieving relevant links and tags, and making the research process for what to post easier and faster.

Increase revenue: Artificial intelligence might help you enhance the efficacy of your social media postings and social media strategy, resulting in more engagement and profits on your social media efforts. AI can help you determine which content is most effective, which people to target, and which channels to employ. It may even help you design more successful advertisements.

5 AI Tools To Help You Improve Your Social Media Strategy

  • Yotpo

Managing client reviews is another time-consuming task that can now be handled thanks to innovative solutions like Yotpo. Its moderating AI tools analyze customer input and attitudes, providing insight into improving your products and services. It may also boost sales by gathering relevant information from previous reviews and making it available to new consumers.

  • AI-Writer

AI isn't only a data-processing tool for delegating creative work to humans; it can also generate content. AI-Writer can generate full blog articles with just a headline. Even though the material isn't perfect and the text output frequently needs adjusting, this application may save content creators a lot of time when it comes to the labor of creating a new blog.

  • Exceed.AI is a sales solution driven by artificial intelligence (AI) that automates email correspondence and customized conversations. This marketing automation system aims to mimic human conversations by providing a genuine experience, chatting with them, and learning about their product requirements before passing the conversation to a natural salesperson.

  • NetBase

Brands have been using social media listening for decades, but NetBase takes it to the next level by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its AI-powered technology analyses millions of social media discussions in real-time to provide real-time feedback on the audience's reaction to your latest brand announcements and adjustments. These findings might aid marketers in defending their brands, improving crisis management, and improving campaign outcomes.

  • Node

Node is an artificial intelligence platform that leverages data from people and organizations to predict how a company may better engage its consumers, employees, investors, and partners. The software builds linkages between internet components such as people, commodities, and businesses and then uses an algorithm to determine individuals who are most likely to convert or purchase. These predictive insights might be helpful in marketing automation, management consulting, job applicant tracking, and other applications.


AI tools assist in performance assessment and the tracking and analysis of all social media actions, such as recitals, consumer involvement, and insights. Consequently, businesses have a better understanding of what their consumers want and how they make decisions. AI tracks your search history and purchase patterns, and performance indicators are also used in search engine optimization. AI enables faultless personalization for various social media platforms thanks to its ability to accurately assess user-profiles and tailor the whole user experience.

So, if you wish to switch to AI tools for your business, contact ONPASSIVE.