Best brands

Are you looking for the best brands on social media to build your marketing strategy? There are various ways to see success on social media. With plenty of platforms and strategies to experiment with, deciding on the best strategy for your business can be a daunting task. According to the recent study, it is found that the main obstacle for social marketers is the process of building social strategies to help their business goals.

With a plethora of platforms and tactics to choose from, it is better to start by taking inspiration from the brands on social media. The below social media examples should give you enough ideas to help you spice up your social media strategy.

#1 Reebok

This is an athletic apparel company that produces shoes, sportswear and more, is one of the successful brands on social media. It is running a good digital marketing strategy and is great at using all the available social platforms. If you see Reebok’s Instagram page, you will find colorful fitness posts. Reebok also excels in LinkedIn, it understands that over 40% of LinkedIn users log in every day seeking new content

#2 The EveryGirl

This is another great social media marketing example you can get inspiration from. It uses a specific hashtag to collect user-generated content. This is a publishing company and they don’t sell any products, which is why it is the best way for The Every girl to collect lifestyle content from their audience. This encourages users to send their own content through the hashtag and thereby helping in improving the user experience.

#3 Wendy’s

Wendy’s twitter account is built with good humour, sarcastic and funny posts with several interactions and input from fans. There’s always something going around you, be it sports or any social events, spend some time searching through the internet or social media and figuring out what’s the new buzz about. Once you get what is trending, spice it up a bit and add your content relating to your business and jazz it up a little to attract people on social media.


ONPASSIVE is the best example of cross-channel marketing. It is a great idea to use multiple platforms to reach more audiences. Because not everyone is fond of Facebook or Instagram, there are other platforms from where your prospective clients can come too. ONPASSIVE does a great job of using every single platform for its social marketing strategy. Finding ways to really stand out among the competition is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

#5 Target

The retail giant company is just as good as Reebok’s Facebook page in creating the best social media marketing strategy. It shares good videos, content, and provide great customer service. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Target uses Pinterest to create boards and pins that serve as an advertisement for their various products. Pinterest is a great platform; pins are more spreadable than tweets.

As you build your business on social media, put yourselves in the audiences’ shoes and build the right content. Build a personalized and right strategy to attract your target audience and grow along the way.