Must Know Business Analytics Tools

Do you think you can gain the essence of the data stored in the database? It is complex. No one would like to go through such a huge volume of rows and columns to derive the information.

Analyzing data in such a way is not only boring, and at the same time, proper analysis cannot be done. At one end, you may end up gaining some vague concepts out of it. How about the large inbuilt information that lies hidden. The answer lies with visual analytics. Let us see how :

Visual analytics: Let us gain a brief overview of it : 

Visual analytics comes under business analytics (BA) and business intelligence(BI). What does it represent? It is nothing but data analysis visualization. It comprises the dashboard or a chart depicting the data essence instead of portraying it as thousand of volumes of rows and columns. The significant advantage of it is that the data can be understood very quickly to save time. Moreover, you do not need to be a data scientist to understand data analysis. Such is the importance it carries.

For instance, you can visualize the data appearance as rows and columns on one end and the same things represented as a graph or visual on the other end. You would naturally go through the visual representation to understand something. Visuals are more than the data representation. It lies ahead to perform data analysis. Data mining and statistical work are significant elements that back the visual analytics. 

More than attractiveness, what lies significantly is the data organization, duplicate and incorrect data elimination and some key insights. The role of the AI and ML technologies is also significant, whose help can keep the data visualization better to understand and derive the essence. 

More details about Data visualization:

 It is the ability to take the data as the input and show it as graphs, bars, figures and charts. Users can know performance and application statistics. Usually, the data appears as numbers, and the representation take form as piechart, bar chart, histogram or any other graph. 

Our mind is tuned to understand graphs more quickly compared to numbers. The data can even take shape as animation. The software is designed to render assistance as auto charting and predefined templates. Some are even expertise at presenting data as geospatial interaction. Depending on the data you are analyzing, the visualization varies. 

Data visualization extends to a wide variety of data, including lead generation details, revenue generation and warehouse details. Anything you wish to improve, representing the related data as visuals is an effective option.

Business analytics tools :

Let us explore some of the significant tools below:

Board:  The tools offer interactive dashboards. Some of the common representations include charts, tables, maps. Charting features are more advanced, and maps are more interactive to gain better insights.


The tool offers a unique storyboarding feature. The data is presented in various forms of animations and predefined charts. Geospatial interaction is the rich feature of the tool. Moreover, the product helps perform ad-hoc analytics.


Spotfire’s capability is more visual through impressive pie charts, network graphs and heat maps. The insights derived from such visuals give valuable patterns and trends. Furthermore, communicating complex details can be accessible by using images and stepwise flow to understand things. The tool even enables generating instant maps.

Microsoft Power BI:

Prebuilt dashboards and customizable dashboards provide the key metrics as a single view and come up with real-time data. This helps offer various suggestions in designing charts and animation. Power View Add-in functionality enables the presentation of the storyboard in an enhanced manner. 

Conclusion :

Artificial intelligence is going through leaps and bounds. Organizations have huge amounts of data to manage. Different concepts can be derived from such data. Trying to explain things using tables is complex, and even understanding them does not derive the maximum results. 

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